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Nice trip you two....enjoy..☺

Posted: 12th September 18, 08:43am

DooGie (aka -=Garbage DinGo=-)
Hope you and Janet have a great time :-)

Posted: 11th September 18, 08:21pm

Off to San Francisco in the morning for a week see you all in about 8 days or so.... :D

Posted: 11th September 18, 08:05pm

Madman that z_soundpack is in RPMPro folder along with several other soundpacks if you download RPMPro and run that you will be OK. CH server runs 331 version.

Posted: 4th September 18, 07:56am

looking for z_soundpack.pk3 for ch server.. i got kicked out and it was asking for that pk3.. thanks

Posted: 3rd September 18, 11:30pm

Enjoy the Beer und Bratwurst, Lady

Posted: 26th August 18, 01:02pm

Skol Lady have a great time..... :D

Posted: 24th August 18, 07:46pm

For my dear friends... Greetings from Germany....i will think of you all...when i take a drink.. Lool ☺🍻 cya soon....😋

Posted: 24th August 18, 07:31pm

New link added to the links page website with a wide variety of game content, downloads, configurations, help , among other things.


Posted: 11th August 18, 09:53pm

Enjoy your holiday Jan..... and you to 2cool :-)

Posted: 10th August 18, 05:36pm

Scorchio Jan have a great time.... :D

Posted: 10th August 18, 10:36am

37 Degrees now Side Turkije Royal Dragon Ressort Greetings tot all of You. Jan

Posted: 10th August 18, 09:22am

20 degrees in St. Petersburg... In Stockholm i ask some people for Mr. Lincoln but nobody knows him...;-)))))) See you. 2cool

Posted: 9th August 18, 08:40pm

Hope you are having a greatski time comrade.... :))

Posted: 9th August 18, 08:26am

Best greetings from St.Peterburg. Hey...if you dont like this go to Russia.....;-)) See you next week after finishing my cruise trip.

Posted: 9th August 18, 05:54am

DooGie (aka -=Garbage DinGo=-)
Welcome back Slug, it sounds like you had a good break :)

Posted: 5th August 18, 08:08pm

Many thanks for the Birthday wishes. Sorry for the late reply, we were on holiday in NE England. It was lovely. THANKS again.

Posted: 5th August 18, 03:37pm

***Server restarted ***

Posted: 2nd August 18, 07:00pm

Thanks, good to see the community still active.. might give it a try again.. 😝 any chance someone still got some recorded DM 2008 rounds laying around here? Oh .. the glory...

Posted: 1st August 18, 09:50pm

Hi KiuKetski … some people still playing both Silver and Gold versions of the game... Good to see you checking in.... :D

Posted: 1st August 18, 08:21am

Looked up my old nickname in Google and ... GDAMMIT ITS LIKE 16 YEARS AGO AND YA'LL SOUND EXACTLY THE SAME HERE 😎 hi guys, hows it going??! Still active??

Posted: 31st July 18, 11:35pm

DooGie (aka -=Garbage DinGo=-)
Happy Birthday Ian, hope you're having a good one m8 :)

Posted: 31st July 18, 07:56pm

Happy Birthday Slug..... Beer CAKE and more Beer LOL..... :D

Posted: 31st July 18, 05:22pm

Happy bday Slug ... Wish you a nice day with alot of Cake and Beer and presents LoL....Enjoy..


Posted: 31st July 18, 05:17pm

Thanks Doogie and Lady... I went to Dumfries Air Museum and then stayed in a 15th century castle hotel... it was lovely, food was very good... :D then we went to Ayr for a day before coming home.

Posted: 14th July 18, 09:26am

Enjoy your trip Mr B.... ☺ have fun.

Posted: 12th July 18, 06:41am

DooGie (aka -=Garbage DinGo=-)
Have a good time Mike, where are you visiting?

Posted: 11th July 18, 09:33pm

Off to Scotland for a couple of days.... Have fun..... :D

Posted: 11th July 18, 08:55pm

Ammo / Wattadela
Congratulations my buddy Madmax to survive the Currywurst. long live the king of SoF.


Posted: 4th July 18, 01:59pm

Ammo / Wattadela
Gratulation mein Kumpel Madmax zum überleben der Currywurst. lange lebe der The king of SoF.


Posted: 4th July 18, 01:59pm

Ammo / Wattadela
The knives are very useful in everyday life. Many carry them with you in your trouser pocket. It has a one-two blade that you can unfold. toothpick. and a bottle opener. There are also knife for an extra charge with any conceivable tools on it. scope, bayonet, nvidia gtx1080, explosive ammo, John F. Mullins Fishing Hat ...


Posted: 4th July 18, 01:54pm

Swiss army knife
Hello everyone, I decided that it would be nice to have swiss army knife for myself, but I do not know anything about them, can you advise something?

Posted: 4th July 18, 01:05pm

Happy Bday for yesterday Max, pity you did not play we were going to let you win one.

Posted: 20th June 18, 06:41pm

Mad Max
Thank You very much for all the Birthday Wishes! And indeed, I had cake, Beer and Currywurst lol. Oldtimer????? I don't get older - I get better yeeeaahhhhhh!!!!!' The day will come, when I climb the throne and rule over the SOF Universe!!!!!! Long live the LEGEND!!!!!!!!

Posted: 20th June 18, 03:18pm

Happy Birthday Max (Old Timer) LOL hope you have a great day with Lots of Currywurst CAKE and Beer......... :D

Posted: 19th June 18, 07:40pm

Herzlichen Gluckwunsch zu deinem Geburtstag Max.. Congratulations on your birthday Max....hope you had nice day.

Posted: 19th June 18, 06:48pm

Happy Fathers Day..... :D

Posted: 17th June 18, 01:29pm

Hey Dr. Uzi... I remember you used to play on Gameservers server LOL... Yes the game is still being played on both the V1 and V2 versions. We play on V1 CH Players server details on the left. I run the game on Windows 10 and it plays OK. If you install the game update drivers for graphics and it should play OK... If not post back here and we will try and help you get the game running.

Posted: 10th June 18, 09:30pm