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Hi Doogie, long time no shoot, hope your ok matey ?

Posted: 17th September 14, 07:18pm

DooGie (aka -=Garbage DinGo=-)
Well the lag is back again for me. It seems like the routing to the server changes for me at night :(

Posted: 17th September 14, 07:02pm

I also did a tracert to the server IP and had 4 hops that were timed out and the same just now... 8 9 10 and 12. Between London and Amsterdam.

Posted: 17th September 14, 02:30pm

DooGie (aka -=Garbage DinGo=-)
Ping is ok again now 50. Last night I did a tracert and there were 4 hops where it was timing out. It wasn't just CH though, it was any SOF2 ProServers server.

Posted: 17th September 14, 02:22pm

Sorry to hear you had a high ping DooGie .... Did you do a tracert check to see where the problem is? Would be nice to see you on the CH Server Dead Again we run an alternate RMG and Normal maps mapcycle.

Posted: 16th September 14, 10:19pm

DooGie (aka -=Garbage DinGo=-)
It was good to see SusE on CH tonight but bad that I had to quit because of my high ping :(

Posted: 16th September 14, 09:34pm

DooGie (aka -=Garbage DinGo=-)
For whatever reason I'm getting a really bad ping for all ProClan servers tonight. Ping around 100 in most cases :(

Posted: 16th September 14, 09:11pm

Hi 50_Bellies thx for the reply and good to see you still around :-) I thought that with the symbols, had problems with them many times over the years. As for which version I have all types, so can play any :-) (hopefully lol) I think I would prefer the gold version, but the idea is just to have a good old SOF blast again :-) I see the ip for the -=CH=- server, so will try to get on that then help the others sort things out, would be good to get on and have a laugh again. That it was we have noticed has gone with the newer games, yes they are good, graphics awesome etc but there doesn't seem to be the good banter between players anymore. Hopefully cu on a server soon, but be gentle with me I will be a NOOB again !!! :-)

Posted: 16th September 14, 07:40pm

Hi BluE-DeadAgain probably the symbols in your name are in the disallowed list or maybe just not recognised... Anyway good to see an old UK Snipers player looking in..... Depends on what version of SOF2 you play V1 or Gold there are still some servers running all types of games there are some new servers running Hide & Seek and also the new 1fx mod (similar to RPM).

Posted: 15th September 14, 10:06pm

BluE-DeadAgain (ex UK DeadAgain)
The symbols didn't show on my ex UK DeadAgain, but hope some of you remember the old UK Snipers ?

Posted: 15th September 14, 09:54pm

BluE-DeadAgain (ex DeadAgain)
Hi all, just had a quick read and good to see a lot of old names :-) Couple of us where chatting the other day and we fancy popping on for a good old blast from the past :-) Anyone recommend some server IP's ? Rgds to all Dead

Posted: 15th September 14, 09:41pm

Hi DooGie m8, nice to hear you all again :)

Posted: 4th September 14, 07:11am

DooGie (aka -=Garbage DinGo=-)
Hi SusE it's good to see you posting on here again m8 :)

Posted: 3rd September 14, 09:23pm

Hello 50_BELLIES, certainly on server soon :-)

Posted: 2nd September 14, 07:56pm

Hi SusE glad to see you still look in sometimes :D Hope to see you on the server sometime......

Posted: 2nd September 14, 06:35pm

Hello all, I saw, with the new IP is working "the all seeing eye" again :-)

Posted: 2nd September 14, 03:15pm

Hi Meu I translated your message and I take it you are referring to the bots being too powerful..... I have now re-set them to what they were before.......

Posted: 1st September 14, 09:35pm

Salut 50 Je pense que le nouveau mode de jeu n ai pas très intéressant ... en jouant ce soir, la plupart des joueurs ne sont déconnectés très rapidement. je pense qu'il serait préférable de revenir sur un mode plus commun afin que les vrais joueurs puissent gagner contr eles bots. Amicalement. MEU FAIT LA BLANCHETTE

Posted: 1st September 14, 08:05pm

Thanks Lemonadesoda.... Back home and ready to do some killing LOL.

Posted: 31st August 14, 10:07pm

Have a great holiday!

Posted: 27th August 14, 09:31pm

New CH Players Server: The old CH Players Server at has now been stopped it was due to run out on 26/8/2014 but I stopped it this evening..... The new server is running RPM now the same as the old server was and is at IP: . I am off early in the morning for a weeks holiday to Orlando in Florida..... :D See you all when I get back.

Posted: 22nd August 14, 09:03pm

DooGie (aka -=Garbage DinGo=-)
New server running sweet as a nut 50.

Posted: 21st August 14, 09:43pm

DooGie (aka -=Garbage DinGo=-)
You've not seen the best bit yet Uzi :)

Posted: 20th August 14, 09:35pm

Doktor Uzi
Thanks to all those involved in getting SoF back up and running... appreciated... Get the punk in the white coat!

Posted: 20th August 14, 06:58pm

No problem 50_BELLIES. Thanks for the advice about the links DooGie. I wasn't trying to add a link, I just left the http:// in the Link box. This time I deleted it. Sorry for the confusion.

Posted: 19th August 14, 09:57pm

Hi GohfiK~ thanks for taking the time to send me the e-mail.. I appreciate it very much.... As DooGie says if adding weblinks in the link box delete the http:// maybe I will edit this in the messageboard.

Posted: 19th August 14, 09:30pm

DooGie (aka -=Garbage DinGo=-)
GohfiK~ your links don't show up. On the link box above make sure you delete the http:// which is already showing if the link you want to paste already contains http:// If that works you will see a Link at the bottom of your post.

Posted: 19th August 14, 08:49pm

Sorry you're having problems with a shy home server 50_BELLIES. I've emailed you a few tips on how we got our m8 (click here) home server to get on the master server list. It's a SOF2 gold server but the tips should apply to silver as well. Good luck!

Posted: 19th August 14, 08:41pm

DooGie (aka -=Garbage DinGo=-)
Looks a bit naked on the left hand side of this page 50 :(

Posted: 19th August 14, 07:24pm

No problem Gohfik... I appreciate your reply. I have tried to run a server on my PC running the RPM mod and the server runs ok but I don't see it in any program like Qtracker, A couple of players had joined it so it is visible but it didn't have a port number, ... Any help is welcome.

Posted: 19th August 14, 09:22am

Thanks 50_BELLIES for updating the link to the m8 (click here) clan. Our previous web page was hosted on an ex-members Virgin Media web space, we think he has closed his account and moved ISP. So we've put it on instead. To answer your question, we run a home server on Mjr_Miche's PC. We did have a v1server but couldn't justify paying for an empty server anymore. Anyway thanks again and keep up the good work!

Posted: 18th August 14, 10:14pm

Updated link to M8 Clan site at link


Posted: 18th August 14, 09:46pm

DooGie (aka -=Garbage DinGo=-)
Let's hope they've not done a runner LOL.

Posted: 15th August 14, 10:25pm

Doktor Uzi
Thanks for the update 50 Belly. Hope it is up and running soon. Thanks also to you for keeping SoF alive by providing the finance to pay for the server. Long live SoF

Posted: 15th August 14, 06:17pm

Still no more information to post unfortunately..... As soon as I know anything I will update.

Posted: 14th August 14, 09:15pm

ok, then we wait to serwer back .

Posted: 14th August 14, 08:48pm

DooGie (aka -=Garbage DinGo=-)
Thanks for the update 50, much appreciated. V1 are a good gameserver provider. However they are a small company who cut their prices to a minimum and won't have spare backup servers hanging around the premises. A larger provider would have taken the malfunctioning server down and replaced it with a spare, installed a backup and been up and running in a few hours. Still apart from DDOS attacks it's been solid up to now.

Posted: 13th August 14, 08:39pm

I have had a reply from V1 servers.... They say there is a hardware problem with the server which is currently being worked on and they apologise for the loss of service. I have asked if they can give me some idea of how long the outage will last and will update this information when I can.

Posted: 13th August 14, 07:25pm