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*****SORRY JAN***** ( 20-9 ) I am so sorry Jan i forgot your bday ..... I hope you had a great bday with alot off beer and cake and presents....


Posted: 28th September 18, 06:03pm

Shame on you Doogie :) I'm still playing SOF2 (mostly Gold Hools server) still a good way to unwind.

Posted: 28th September 18, 04:34pm

DooGie (aka -=Garbage DinGo=-)
Most posters on here still play SOF2 Mysterio, oh, apart from me. -=CH Players Server linked to on the left hand side of the page is the favoured server :-)

Posted: 27th September 18, 07:27pm

Any of you guys still playing sof2?

Posted: 27th September 18, 10:24am

Nice trip you two....enjoy..☺

Posted: 12th September 18, 08:43am

DooGie (aka -=Garbage DinGo=-)
Hope you and Janet have a great time :-)

Posted: 11th September 18, 08:21pm

Off to San Francisco in the morning for a week see you all in about 8 days or so.... :D

Posted: 11th September 18, 08:05pm

Madman that z_soundpack is in RPMPro folder along with several other soundpacks if you download RPMPro and run that you will be OK. CH server runs 331 version.

Posted: 4th September 18, 07:56am

looking for z_soundpack.pk3 for ch server.. i got kicked out and it was asking for that pk3.. thanks

Posted: 3rd September 18, 11:30pm

Enjoy the Beer und Bratwurst, Lady

Posted: 26th August 18, 01:02pm

Skol Lady have a great time..... :D

Posted: 24th August 18, 07:46pm

For my dear friends... Greetings from Germany....i will think of you all...when i take a drink.. Lool ☺🍻 cya soon....😋

Posted: 24th August 18, 07:31pm

New link added to the links page website with a wide variety of game content, downloads, configurations, help , among other things.


Posted: 11th August 18, 09:53pm

Enjoy your holiday Jan..... and you to 2cool :-)

Posted: 10th August 18, 05:36pm

Scorchio Jan have a great time.... :D

Posted: 10th August 18, 10:36am

37 Degrees now Side Turkije Royal Dragon Ressort Greetings tot all of You. Jan

Posted: 10th August 18, 09:22am

20 degrees in St. Petersburg... In Stockholm i ask some people for Mr. Lincoln but nobody knows him...;-)))))) See you. 2cool

Posted: 9th August 18, 08:40pm

Hope you are having a greatski time comrade.... :))

Posted: 9th August 18, 08:26am

Best greetings from St.Peterburg. Hey...if you dont like this go to Russia.....;-)) See you next week after finishing my cruise trip.

Posted: 9th August 18, 05:54am

DooGie (aka -=Garbage DinGo=-)
Welcome back Slug, it sounds like you had a good break :)

Posted: 5th August 18, 08:08pm

Many thanks for the Birthday wishes. Sorry for the late reply, we were on holiday in NE England. It was lovely. THANKS again.

Posted: 5th August 18, 03:37pm

***Server restarted ***

Posted: 2nd August 18, 07:00pm

Thanks, good to see the community still active.. might give it a try again.. 😝 any chance someone still got some recorded DM 2008 rounds laying around here? Oh .. the glory...

Posted: 1st August 18, 09:50pm

Hi KiuKetski … some people still playing both Silver and Gold versions of the game... Good to see you checking in.... :D

Posted: 1st August 18, 08:21am

Looked up my old nickname in Google and ... GDAMMIT ITS LIKE 16 YEARS AGO AND YA'LL SOUND EXACTLY THE SAME HERE 😎 hi guys, hows it going??! Still active??

Posted: 31st July 18, 11:35pm

DooGie (aka -=Garbage DinGo=-)
Happy Birthday Ian, hope you're having a good one m8 :)

Posted: 31st July 18, 07:56pm

Happy Birthday Slug..... Beer CAKE and more Beer LOL..... :D

Posted: 31st July 18, 05:22pm

Happy bday Slug ... Wish you a nice day with alot of Cake and Beer and presents LoL....Enjoy..


Posted: 31st July 18, 05:17pm

Thanks Doogie and Lady... I went to Dumfries Air Museum and then stayed in a 15th century castle hotel... it was lovely, food was very good... :D then we went to Ayr for a day before coming home.

Posted: 14th July 18, 09:26am

Enjoy your trip Mr B.... ☺ have fun.

Posted: 12th July 18, 06:41am

DooGie (aka -=Garbage DinGo=-)
Have a good time Mike, where are you visiting?

Posted: 11th July 18, 09:33pm

Off to Scotland for a couple of days.... Have fun..... :D

Posted: 11th July 18, 08:55pm

Ammo / Wattadela
Congratulations my buddy Madmax to survive the Currywurst. long live the king of SoF.


Posted: 4th July 18, 01:59pm

Ammo / Wattadela
Gratulation mein Kumpel Madmax zum überleben der Currywurst. lange lebe der The king of SoF.


Posted: 4th July 18, 01:59pm

Ammo / Wattadela
The knives are very useful in everyday life. Many carry them with you in your trouser pocket. It has a one-two blade that you can unfold. toothpick. and a bottle opener. There are also knife for an extra charge with any conceivable tools on it. scope, bayonet, nvidia gtx1080, explosive ammo, John F. Mullins Fishing Hat ...


Posted: 4th July 18, 01:54pm

Swiss army knife
Hello everyone, I decided that it would be nice to have swiss army knife for myself, but I do not know anything about them, can you advise something?

Posted: 4th July 18, 01:05pm

Happy Bday for yesterday Max, pity you did not play we were going to let you win one.

Posted: 20th June 18, 06:41pm

Mad Max
Thank You very much for all the Birthday Wishes! And indeed, I had cake, Beer and Currywurst lol. Oldtimer????? I don't get older - I get better yeeeaahhhhhh!!!!!' The day will come, when I climb the throne and rule over the SOF Universe!!!!!! Long live the LEGEND!!!!!!!!

Posted: 20th June 18, 03:18pm