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DooGie (aka -=Garbage DinGo=-)
Nice to see the server is running sweetly 50. Very fast and smooth :)

Posted: 6th April 16, 10:09pm

Glad to hear you found the new server Nido... ;)

Posted: 6th April 16, 06:34pm

Nido Fr
Salut i have just put the new server IP in New Favorite, and i find your server again !! I'm Happy !! CYA

Posted: 6th April 16, 05:04pm

New server stats moved over on Gametracker today by Proclanservers.... Many thanks for your help :P

Posted: 5th April 16, 05:16pm



Posted: 5th April 16, 06:15am

DooGie (aka -=Garbage DinGo=-)
There should be an OSP directory in your sOF2 folder, if there is just delete it.

Posted: 4th April 16, 09:19pm

hey i installed an osp and now its not letting me connect to certain servers, how do i uninstall it? i tried to go to my folder and it doesnt have mods where i can see which ones ive downloaded.

Posted: 4th April 16, 08:58pm

***New server IP address is***

Posted: 4th April 16, 03:04pm

Germany may give Scotland a lower ping. Depending if the servers are east or west.

Posted: 3rd April 16, 11:26pm

Annoys me that hackers really spoil a game that has so few people playing now. FFs go attack Black ops.

Posted: 3rd April 16, 11:22pm

They said the server is in Germany so should not make much difference in ping DooGie...

Posted: 3rd April 16, 10:22pm

DooGie (aka -=Garbage DinGo=-)
Thanks for the update 50. Let's hope the new server will be EU ping friendly :)

Posted: 3rd April 16, 09:30pm

Latest update on the server..... there was a DDOS attack on the server this evening and as a result the ISP who host the server closed the machine down.... Proclanservers will be moving the server to a DDOS protected machine at a different location and as a result of this the IP will be changing.... Further details tomorrow.

Posted: 3rd April 16, 09:00pm

DooGie (aka -=Garbage DinGo=-)
Thanks for the info Mike.

Posted: 3rd April 16, 06:35pm

The server is offline at the moment.... I have been in touch with Proclanservers who say they are working to get it sorted..... Some kind of attack has taken place..... Will update when the server is running again.

Posted: 3rd April 16, 05:42pm

One more Madeira video. Great example of how to make a holiday video about a Lavada walk


Posted: 1st April 16, 12:08pm

Looks lovely I hope my brothers place in Madeira is not up that hill LOL..... :D

Posted: 1st April 16, 10:43am

DooGie (aka -=Garbage DinGo=-)
Thanks for the link Slug, some of those views are stunning. Sue and I did a Levada walk when we were there. A minibus got us up to where the walk started and we were a right motley crew, one guy was dressed in a suit with sandals and no socks on and carrying a briefcase :) Walk itself was fine, cliff walls to the left then massive drops to the right with only metal posts and rope to stop you falling down, just as the video shows. However the drops didn't look that big as we were over a forest, do trees make for a soft landing?

Posted: 31st March 16, 09:17pm

It was the downhill inclines that did for my feet Doogie. Didn't get to walk a levada, four nights was not enough to do all I wanted. I watched the video in the link before I went. The scenery is amazing. On the day I went up into the mountains the cloud killed the visibility and it was very windy. Down on the coast at Porto Moniz was beautiful.


Posted: 31st March 16, 08:13pm

DooGie (aka -=Garbage DinGo=-)
Pleased to hear you had a good time Slug. Yes some of the hills can be pretty tiring to walk up, I've forgotten the name of the village we stayed in last time we went but it was a bus ride out of Funchal. It took us about 20 minutes to walk down to the sea where there were some good restaurants but took around 50 minutes to walk back as there was a 1/2 mile stretch of 1 in 3 hill to get up lol. Did you go on a Levada walk at all?

Posted: 30th March 16, 07:20pm

MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM Madeira CAKE!!!!!!!! Just re-started server to see if it stops the lag everyone was having...

Posted: 30th March 16, 07:13pm

Hi both. Yes had a good time in Madeira but walked the skin off my feet. Not used to the inclines and walking down hill from Monti into Funchal then back to hotel was a mistake but I started and had to finish. It was a lot easier going up in the cable car :) Do you know Madeira cake is a British thing and not actually from Madeira. Madeira wine is most defiantly from Madeira and I bought a bottle from Tesco's when I got home.... Yes bonkers!

Posted: 30th March 16, 06:05pm

DooGie (aka -=Garbage DinGo=-)
Did you enjoy your holiday Slug?

Posted: 29th March 16, 10:32pm

Hi Slug, nice holiday?....Definitely did not bury any eggs in grassy hills map...Did ban 2 players on that map one called Shep the other called Rover...maybe it was them. Did you bring back any Madeira Cake?....heres a tip....dont hide it in maps, 50 will find it...Bad boys bad boys....

Posted: 29th March 16, 10:28pm

I found what I thought were chocolate eggs on the grassy hills map. When I took a bite I discovered it was not chocolate. Why don't people clean up after their bloody dogs :)

Posted: 29th March 16, 05:54pm

Good try Blade but I can smell chocolate eggs at 2kms.... sorry but your cache of chocolate eggs is history. Muhahahahahaha!!!

Posted: 28th March 16, 08:07pm

Hmmm... thought that might happen, and lady you were too slow...Luckily I bury some in desert rmg map...hope mongoose not find them...hope they not melt either. I remember burying them near a tent... but which tent...and was it 5 paces north and 3 paces west or was it........Best not let 50 know I have some hidden... oops too late..

Posted: 27th March 16, 12:01pm

Have fun Blade but the eggs are already gone.......... They were delicious MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM. Thanks :D

Posted: 27th March 16, 11:20am

Will keep an eye on him ... and make sure he does not eat everything :-)....Enjoy your trip...

Posted: 27th March 16, 10:21am

Happy Easter all, I away for a few days now, so it will give Max a chance to win lool....Hope you all have fun.....50 I have left all my eggs in backpacks, please don't eat them all....

Posted: 27th March 16, 08:22am

Thanks Lady you too.......... MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM Chocolate eggs..... :O

Posted: 26th March 16, 03:09pm

Wish you all a Happy Easter .... do not eat too many eggs .. (I mean chocolate eggs LOL ....) Enjoy it...


Posted: 26th March 16, 02:45pm

Dunno about that Lady....I just sleep for 1 hour longer....good news it is now torrential rain and gale force winds, yes summer is coming....

Posted: 26th March 16, 02:43pm

1 hour less sleep ... but who cares summer is coming...Yeahhhhhh

Posted: 26th March 16, 01:23pm

Thanks for reminder 50, I had no idea lool, that means summer is nearly here.....I look out window....its cloudy, cold and windy....Yes British summer has arrived lol.

Posted: 26th March 16, 11:15am

Here is a reminder the clocks go FORWARD 1 hour Saturday night/Sunday morning......

Posted: 25th March 16, 10:53pm

Mad Max
Dear Mr. Lincoln! I hope You get well soon! Why????????????? My AK 47 is waiting for You! My knife wants to cut You into pieces! My grenades want to set You in flames! My shotgun wants to blow You away! Looooooooooool! Hurry up and return as soon as possible! Best wishes from good old Germany!

Posted: 24th March 16, 03:45pm

-=UK Blade=-
I have been telling you to "Stand up straight Mr Lincoln when I'm shooting at you god dammit" but you not listen to me! Hope you get well very soon.....

Posted: 23rd March 16, 11:04pm