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Hey, is there any active infiltration scene out there? and what is this hide&seek mod? just joined a server and didnt know what to do rly :D thx in advance

Posted: 21st April 17, 10:11am

Had a great time Lady... We went to the Falkirk Wheel and also went to see the Kelpies the largest Equine Sculptures in the world... and thanks for your help Lady and DooGie..... :D


Posted: 19th April 17, 07:21pm

Thats then 2 eyes lool WB Mr B ....hope you enjoy your trip....

Posted: 19th April 17, 03:29pm

DooGie (aka -=Garbage DinGo=-)
No problem 50, you know I'll always keep an eye on the message board.

Posted: 19th April 17, 02:56pm

I appreciate that DooGie..... :D Back home just now had no access to internet at all in Scotland LOL . Ah well I didn't really need it anyway.

Posted: 18th April 17, 09:54pm

DooGie (aka -=Garbage DinGo=-)
Noooo, I don't like chocolate 50 :( Nor do I like the Russian spam links that I'm having to delete from here several times a week, grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

Posted: 15th April 17, 10:09pm

New website details added to the links page No Name Clan - new website at link now updated I will replace the logo in a few days time as I am off to Scotland in the morning and won't be back until Wednesday... Happy Easter to you all enjoy the chocolate mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm :D


Posted: 15th April 17, 09:53pm

Cheers 50.

Posted: 1st January 70, 12:00am

Hi Neo good to hear from you.... the game is still being played, we play version 1 with the RPM mod on the CH Players Server... There are other servers running and also on the Gold version the game is still being played. You can install both versions on a PC see the Link.


Posted: 30th March 17, 10:11pm

Yo 50 Bellies it's me. Me nccneo ( can't remember the format ) Irishone and grimmy are wondering if sof2 is still alive and how to download it and recover our best days of our lives? Let me know and i'll try and temped Khronix and Smurf to rejoin.

Posted: 30th March 17, 09:57pm

Thanks Infante CL the server is running again.

Posted: 28th March 17, 01:07pm

Server is down :-(

Posted: 27th March 17, 09:51pm

Thanks for letting me know 2cool.... I have been at a wedding today and am only returned home.... I have left a message at proclanservers to let them know that the server is offline.

Posted: 27th March 17, 08:48pm

Server is down.....:-((

Posted: 27th March 17, 08:32pm

Thats good DooGie enjoy playing it :D Just a reminder that the clocks go FORWARD 1 hour this weekend (Saturday night/ Sunday morning) in the UK.

Posted: 24th March 17, 09:46pm

DooGie (aka -=Garbage DinGo=-)
Just downloaded mass Effect Andromeda, my Daughter bought me the digital key for my Birthday. A bloody huge download though at 43.76GB. still I had an excellent connection and it only took 1.5 hours. Now to get playing it :) I always find the Mass Effect series weird though as they are 3rd person.

Posted: 23rd March 17, 10:33pm

Happy Saint Patricks Day..... :D

Posted: 17th March 17, 11:40am

As long as you had a good time DooGie....... :D

Posted: 12th March 17, 09:13pm

DooGie (aka -=Garbage DinGo=-)
Thanks all :) Sorry to disappoint but I didn't have any cake this year. I just stuck with the red wine :0

Posted: 12th March 17, 09:01pm

Happy Bday DooGie... Hope you had great day with alot cake lol....


Posted: 12th March 17, 08:48pm

Did someone mention CAKE!!!! Happy Birthday DooGie hope you have a Great Birthday :D IrishOne sorry we don't have TS but we do run a server on V1 RPMPro Mod CH Server details are on the left of this page... you are welcome to kill some peeps if you like... :)

Posted: 12th March 17, 08:23pm

Happy Birthday DooGie. Hope you had a good day with some nice cake.

Posted: 12th March 17, 06:14pm

ye i know :) its been long, you have ts or discord or anything

Posted: 11th March 17, 11:26pm

Sorry Irish0ne I personally don't have any other video of that competition but you never know someone might have other videos of it. Good to hear from you. :D

Posted: 11th March 17, 11:23pm

hi 50, just watched the DM comp 2006 lol was wondering do you have the footage of any of the previous rounds.

Posted: 11th March 17, 11:14pm

Hello OswaldoTOg... if you need to contact me send an e-mail to

Posted: 7th March 17, 11:14am

Hello. I need to contact admin. Thank you.

Posted: 7th March 17, 07:49am

Thanks for the feedback DooGie.... Maybe my connection as they have been working in the area with broadband recently.

Posted: 4th March 17, 09:42am

DooGie (aka -=Garbage DinGo=-)
No lag here 50, it's running nicely :)

Posted: 4th March 17, 12:19am

Server seems to be running again.... for me it is laggy will restart it tomorrow and see what happens.

Posted: 3rd March 17, 10:34pm

Okay Mr B... i see the server is still down..i have run my server till the CH server is back so who want play you all Welcom ....

Posted: 3rd March 17, 06:31pm

The server is offline... I have contacted Proclanservers to report it.

Posted: 3rd March 17, 09:25am

Wenn du das wil Ammo du kann es immer probieren...das zal toll sein :-)

Posted: 1st March 17, 01:21pm

soll ich mal archie und Viper anschreiben ob ich ihnen den TGS Server Daten Abkaufen Darf? LG AMMO

Posted: 1st March 17, 12:33pm

Happy St. Davids Day...... :D

Posted: 1st March 17, 10:51am

Happy Birthday Lara ... Hope you have enjoy your day....


Posted: 28th February 17, 10:10pm

Happy Birthday today Lara :D (Y) Hope you have a great day and lots of CAKE!!!!!


Posted: 28th February 17, 05:39pm

You are welcome DooGie.... Oldies are the best :D.

Posted: 23rd February 17, 09:09pm