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2 days now since I tried to install COD MW3 ...Steam support still haven't got back to me......

Posted: 22nd May 13, 08:58am

Don't know why? There's no Sun up in the sky....Stormy Weather.... :D

Posted: 20th May 13, 11:35am

thanks bellies but it was another version. it was written by aman with a deep voice and the image that went with the video was cars in a drive in theatre. i dont think it was but it could have been frank sinatra.

Posted: 11th May 13, 04:14am

There you go Dr Squall.... My favourite for Stormy Weather by Jeff Lynne (ELO)... Enjoy.


Posted: 8th May 13, 09:08am

long time no see. yall prob dont remember me but i am looking for a song you guys told me about LONG ago. stormy weather. lots of versions out there but cant rember wich one yall snt me.

Posted: 8th May 13, 12:56am

How often do I have to tell you this sof2 sets it's own registry all you need is the folder. Have put it on a dozen machines just by copying folder and putting in on a new machine.

Posted: 8th May 13, 12:46am

DooGie (aka -=Garbage DinGo=-)
Nice Mike, SOF2 needs no registry entries so it can be used as a portable game. Play anywhere in the world with your USB key :)

Posted: 6th May 13, 09:32pm

Had to re-install the PC over the weekend and was playing SOF2 off a USB memory stick this evening from a back up copy of the SOF2 Folder, it worked very well and I didn't have to install the game either LOL...... :D

Posted: 6th May 13, 09:11pm

DooGie (aka -=Garbage DinGo=-)
Even boredom wouldn't inspire you to do that infrequent. That would be getting far to anal m8. SOF2 exists in small niches still, however the game is mainly dead.

Posted: 5th May 13, 10:00pm

No, Doogie, no spreadsheet. I did however rename certain Pictures and demos immediately after playing the game. Actually I made a ReFrag Sidekick program that could analyse action in demofiles and list it to a text file. If I still have it I could let it process all my demofiles and get a list of all frags, deaths and players I have played with. But I do not think I'm bored enough yet :)

Posted: 4th May 13, 09:49am

Some new videos added to the Holiday Video page at link.Also some photos added to the Holiday Pics page...


Posted: 3rd May 13, 10:27am

New clan website added to links page the SOA clan at link....Also new player details added to the players A-Z pages for knoxbomb768.... Welcome to sofplayers.


Posted: 27th April 13, 12:14pm

DooGie (aka -=Garbage DinGo=-)
Hope you had a great time Mike, weather here is still a bit on the cool side with the odd shower.

Posted: 26th April 13, 04:18pm

Making our way home from SAN ANTONIO TEXAS it is raining and foggy at the moment..... hope it is nicer at home lol.

Posted: 26th April 13, 03:41pm

put the nerd guns down! ;)

Posted: 22nd April 13, 05:07pm

lol yep tm| and EFP... 2004 hey?! Hmm nearly 10 years! I remember you too... a yellow "i" + blue Frequent if I remember correctly... well according to my database of SoF2 name colors anyway...

Posted: 19th April 13, 01:28pm

DooGie (aka -=Garbage DinGo=-)
Have you got spreadsheets and demos of every match you've played Infrequent ;-)

Posted: 18th April 13, 08:05pm

tm|Adreno ? We played a DM match on Jordan Rooftops on the Huurs Univers server on June 7th, 2004 at 17:56 in the evening. Not quite 10 years ago ;-) BTW, I won :D

Posted: 18th April 13, 05:18pm

Hi Adreno I remember that name from a long time ago hope you are ok... Hi from the USA, Having fun on vacation at the moment ...

Posted: 18th April 13, 01:06pm

Adreno (EFP Clan...)
Good to see you guys are still playing :) 10 years since I last visited SOF2, man I miss those days. Happy fragging!

Posted: 18th April 13, 12:20pm

Only reason sof2 was not taken forward was because of violence complaint and then after he designed doom 4 for releasing the code for open source Mr Carmack was sacked. He was the only one cud make it right

Posted: 14th April 13, 05:45pm

Enjoy relaxing on your vacation. See you soon ..

Posted: 13th April 13, 10:42pm

DooGie (aka -=Garbage DinGo=-)
Have a good one Mike :)

Posted: 13th April 13, 09:40pm

Good games tonight..... Bags are packed and I am off on 2 weeks holiday to USA in the morning..... See you all take care... :D

Posted: 13th April 13, 09:33pm

DooGie (aka -=Garbage DinGo=-)
Hi Magpie it's good to hear from you. Yes gaming was great in the early days of SOF, a real close knit community, I don't think we'll ever see the like of it again. It's a shame SOF was never taken forward in the way that COD has been.

Posted: 13th April 13, 07:45pm

Hi Mr Magpie good to hear you are keeping well I always look in at Fear Playground to see whats new in the gaming world..... :D Keep up the good work.


Posted: 13th April 13, 02:56pm

Hi Just reading the old posts looks like by them i started playing SOF MP in may 2003 . Not played it in over five years wont play again . Back then nobody spoke on ts , vent no youtube and sure i only had a 512kb internet fun times (about the speed og hawks now). sorry just having a remissness . Gaming will never be like that again . Hope your all well . (theres my post for the year hehe)


Posted: 13th April 13, 02:34pm

Code Blue
Thanks M8 i owe you :)

Posted: 10th April 13, 04:14pm

I will ask Mr Lincoln about this later this evening.....Send me an e-mail to and I will reply my answer there.

Posted: 10th April 13, 03:58pm

Code Blue
It said Subnet Banned

Posted: 10th April 13, 03:49pm

Code Blue/Cpt Priceless I have checked the server log the subnetbanlist and the banlist, there is no mention of those names or your IP address in the bans.Try and connect again and see what happens take a note of any message you get....

Posted: 10th April 13, 03:26pm

Code Blue
Try headshot specialist #2

Posted: 10th April 13, 03:16pm

The name Cpt Priceless and your IP address you are using are not on the banlist.... If you tried connecting as unnamedplayer the name is banned so do not use unnamedplayer the . is also banned on the server as it can cause server lag.You didn't say what name you used to try and connect or when, if you let me know these details I can check the logs again.

Posted: 10th April 13, 03:13pm

Cpt. Priceless
I changed My name My bro told me he got banned .I am the same boy from Trinidad you were talking to.He said Mr Lincoln banned him

Posted: 10th April 13, 01:56pm

I have checked the server banlist and the name Cpt Priceless is not banned.... What name were you using when you tried to connect? Let me know and I will look into it.

Posted: 10th April 13, 12:48pm

I Dont recall being banned from the 2k3 fun server

Posted: 10th April 13, 12:41pm

Hi Code Blue you can download different Name Maker programs that will make you a name containing different symbols other than the normal letters I found one called Sof2 Bind and Name Maker on Gamefront that was easy to use..... Hope that helps.

Posted: 10th April 13, 09:03am

Code Blue
I would like to know how to get those spider webs in your name ?

Posted: 10th April 13, 02:32am