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Imagine you could have 1v1 and everyone watching then call a player to the game. This would be a real competition and lots of players available at a moments notice

Posted: 29th January 15, 11:04pm

Have chat with you guru on the servers 50 and see if he has a way of broadcasting games. This may reinvigorate sof2 as a game

Posted: 29th January 15, 11:00pm

Thanks Mr Magpie I will probably need help with it if I try it out LOL....... :D

Posted: 25th January 15, 04:11pm

50 i use OBS and Twitch when i stream (not to often at mo but thats the games im playing) So if you give it a try and have any problems let me know . If you have a nvidia card shadow play works as well you still need a account to stream .

Posted: 25th January 15, 03:02pm

2 interesting links Degem ....... Thanks.

Posted: 23rd January 15, 12:57pm

There is a first time for everything ffs window upgrade free


Posted: 22nd January 15, 10:21pm

Here is a way to broadcast games so everyone can watch


Posted: 22nd January 15, 10:14pm

Hi Jona and FM 77 good to see you guys looking in.... DooGie went to New Zealand for 3 weeks holiday yesterday and I will postpone anything until he gets back but we will try and organise something after that.... Keep checking back for updates. Have a great holiday DooGie....

Posted: 18th January 15, 03:42pm

Hey guys. Just poppin' by again. I don't have sof2 installed atm but if you somehow will get a comp organized I'll be there :) And always happy to see you're still keeping this game alive. I've installed it a couple of times, but found the lack of players putting me off. But SOF2 is still one of the best mp games ever created! :) Maybe an idea to put a reunion night up? Would be good to frag on a full server with all the familiar faces :)

Posted: 18th January 15, 12:53am

OMG So great your trying to keep this game live just had an urge to pop on by the website just to see if it was still going and it is!!!

Posted: 17th January 15, 10:56pm

UZI find servers with a program Q-tracker and note the ip adres from the server you will play on. Add this ip in the sofgame in the favorites list..Once added it ip will stay in the favotites list.

Posted: 16th January 15, 03:14pm

Doktor Uzi
Any news yet on the server list being updated? I cannot play....

Posted: 16th January 15, 01:31pm

Thanks 50 think a dm completion would create more arguments than entertainment. just a thought can you air the competitions by taking one place up because that might encourage watchers

Posted: 14th January 15, 09:19pm

Thanks for the input Degem.... the way things are going there won't be any competition as I have only had 2 e-mails from peeps who want to take part, add those 2 to maybe another 4 players who would maybe play and there just is not enough interest. I will leave it for another few days but it doesn't look promising. With the server list disappearing again the game is getting fewer new players.

Posted: 13th January 15, 10:57pm

Arthritis really bad just now it is rmg maps sorry hands not working to well

Posted: 13th January 15, 10:02pm

Sorry second tdm should read rgm maps not tdm

Posted: 13th January 15, 10:00pm

Do not think there has been a full tdm competition using only tdm maps. this is what I think will make a great competition

Posted: 13th January 15, 09:58pm

50 that is not a completion that is just deathmatch. Still think if you ran for fun a team dm competition you would get a lot of benefits

Posted: 13th January 15, 09:41pm

To find an ace player you have to have Quarter finals then Semi finals and the Final. Really you should have two streams of players and therefore the third place has to be fought for

Posted: 10th January 15, 06:27pm

I was thinking of running just 1 map and over a set time of maybe 30-60 minutes like Slug did before. The server has 24 slots so I would say take a few slots for admins and see how many people want to take part.At the moment no one has e-mailed to say they would like to take part in a DM Competition.

Posted: 8th January 15, 11:36pm

Do you want to fill your server with real people or shut it down to your regular users. Remember new user to your server may want to return for dm

Posted: 8th January 15, 11:09pm

Another thing if you have a tdm match you fill your server and can use any maps you desire. you fill your server with real people all the links to teams can join and have a go

Posted: 8th January 15, 10:44pm

No matter what you do it still has to run 1v1 and you have to do that at least twice because you have to work out third place

Posted: 8th January 15, 10:37pm

the map we were to use for 1v1 was the barn but ran for 20 mins therefore for 40 players it ran for 8000 mins and that is without delays and setting up

Posted: 8th January 15, 10:31pm

DooGie (aka -=Garbage DinGo=-)
I partly agree with you Degem in the fact that it is a hard job for admins. However it doesn't have to be 1 v 1 as Slug admirably demonstrated for 2 or was it 3 comps. Big difference would be that it is SOF2 v1 with no PB, double stress for admins. In the comps that Slug ran there was only one final result that annoys me to this day and that was due to me missing out on one PB setting.

Posted: 8th January 15, 10:26pm

I thought about it when on by games and suggested it to the senior admins but the problems with it are massive. you have to do 1v1 and then you lock your server to the rest and on top of that your going to have to work 24/7 to do the job. my solution was to have a team dm match, highest score wins

Posted: 8th January 15, 10:11pm

If anyone is interested in taking part in a Deathmatch Competition 2015 send an e-mail to subject: Competition. It will depend on what response there is as to the format of the competition.As the CH Players Server runs V1 the competition will be played in V1.

Posted: 8th January 15, 10:49am

I hadn't really thought about running a DM competition, but I will put the question to anyone who would be interested and see what sort of response there is on the site, tomorrow I will post something to find out how many would take part.

Posted: 7th January 15, 09:20pm

Are you guys planning on doing any more DM competitions in the future?

Posted: 7th January 15, 05:39am

Yo C@ret@ker you always say that LOL...... Have a Good one :D

Posted: 6th January 15, 06:45pm

hi all hope all is good with you all and a happy new year , trying to come back and play again :) buff you later

Posted: 6th January 15, 05:51pm

It's early days yet Degem.... Happy New Year M8... :D

Posted: 5th January 15, 09:51am

Happy new year to everyone, h8 2015 got a blister on my toe, network switch died and just got a puncture. So not happy with 2015

Posted: 5th January 15, 12:09am

Happy New Year Little Zippy good to see you drop in M8... :D

Posted: 3rd January 15, 11:30pm

DooGie (aka -=Garbage DinGo=-)
Happy New Year Little Zippy :)

Posted: 3rd January 15, 09:48pm

Happy New Year all!

Posted: 3rd January 15, 09:32pm

Happy New Year everyone! If any of you are up for playing GOLD we are having an event today Jan 3rd @ 12pm cst which is 11 hours from this post. You are all more than welcome to stop by.


Posted: 3rd January 15, 06:25am

Happy new year shoot you soon

Posted: 1st January 15, 03:00pm