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Equador Mountains

Ecuador Mountains by <<<ALIEN>>> is one of my favourite CTF maps. Very RMG feel to it with the classic 3 ways of attack. Centre, Left using a tunnel or right through the mountains. Highly recommended for CTF
Thanks to -[FC]- FUN ZONE for introducing me to this one.
  Download 4.33MB |

This is the long awaited release of the ultimate SOF2 Demo Viewer by Infrequent. ReFrag soon became an essential tool for SOF2 movie makers and you will see it in the credits of all the best SOF2 videos.
ReFrag2 is the new improved version with even more features and a much improved user interface. ReFrag2 is not just a tool for movie makers though, it's also an excellent stand alone demo player that lets you analyse every players move from every angle.
Unfortunately ReFrag2 does not support v1.00 but if you play Sof2 Gold this is a must have tool.
Download 6.24MB |
Custom Maps
Columbian Village by The Tech
Columbian Village by The Tech is a remake of a map from 2003 by Siffer. If you like Jordan the chances are you will like this. A very nice well illuminated map with plenty of alleyways for you to explore. Well worth the download.

Download 1.76MB | Rating
Deck 21 by sL@pNuT$
Deck21 is sL@pNuT$ second map. Inspired by Doom3. It looks more detailed and textured than most SOF2 maps and features new backlighting and shadowing techniques.

Download 9MB | Rating

more maps>

Playing SOF2 v1.00

Some time ago when re-installing SoF2 and before adding the gold patch to bring my 3 year old CD up to date, I noticed there were lots of servers still running version 1.00 I decided to do a duplicate SOF2 installation in a second folder on my PC, but running v1.00. I have to say its like another dimension with many hundreds of players never seen on the gold version. You can add v1.00 in about 4 minutes, why not give it a try:) There are more people playing RMG than on gold!!
Read More>

Playing SOF2 v1.03

Some months after SoF2 was launched a number of modifications were made to the original game which included bug fixes, new weapons, Punkbuster anti cheat software and additional maps. This update, called the Gold Patch changed your original game to v1.03. It was intended to replace to 1.00 version but if you make a copy of your original v1.00 files before applying the patch you can still play both versions.
Read More>


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Photographs of "Blackbird" A12... SR71/A... SR71/B... SR71/C... and M-21.
That I have seen so far........

From what I can gather there were 50 "Blackbirds" produced. 20 aircraft were lost due to crashes and 30 remain intact.

1. The first "Blackbird" an A/12. #60-6930. Located at the Huntsville Space and Rocket Centre in Alabama USA......


2. The second "Blackbird" an SR71/A. #61-7958.  This aircraft is located at the Warner Robins Air Force Museum at Warner Robins near Macon Georgia USA.....It includes in the display a D21B drone....


3. The third "Blackbird" SR71/A #61-7968 I looked at was at Richmond in Virginia USA.....
It was extremely hot and the grass around the aircraft was very scorched.....


4. The fourth "Blackbird" SR71/A #61-7976 was at the Wright Patterson Air Museum in Dayton Ohio USA.....


5. The fifth "Blackbird" SR71/A #61-7972 was at the strangest named museum near Washington USA... it was at the NASA Air and Space Museum The Steven F. Udvar-Hazy Center.....


6. The sixth "Blackbird" SR71/A #61-7959 was at the Air Force Museum at Eglin Florida USA.....This is the Air Force Armament Museum there are many aircraft on display here.... This Blackbird has an extended tail section of approximately 8 feet/2.5 metres this was added to test some new radar technology at the time.....


7. The seventh "Blackbird" an A12 #60-6938 was at the Battleship USS Alabama Museum at a place called Mobile in Alabama USA.....


8. The eighth "Blackbird" an A/12  #60-6937 I saw on my trip to the USA in April 2010 was at the Southern Museum of Flight at Birmingham Alabama USA..... The aircraft is situated a short distance from the museum at the junction of 43rd. Avenue North/68th Street North Birmingham Alabama. Within the perimeter fence of Birmingham International Airport.....


9. I went to the Imperial War Museum at Duxford in England in June 2010, they have the only "Blackbird" SR71/A #61-7962 outside the United States of America at the American air museum......


10. In August 2010  I travelled to Palmdale in California to visit the Blackbird Airpark where they have 2 "Blackbirds" on display.....
First one the A-12 #60-6924 This was the first Blackbird A12 to fly.....
Website:    HERE


11.Then the second the SR-71/A #61-7973.....
Website:    HERE

Both together..
Website:    HERE



12.In September 2010 I visited the USS Intrepid Aircraft Carrier it is a Floating Museum and is situated in New York. They have a "Blackbird" A12 #60-6925 on display on the flight deck....



13. On the  13th. of June 2012 I went to the Kalamazoo Air Zoo museum at Kalamazoo Michigan where they have the only "Blackbird" SR71/b trainer...#61-7956. The museum is also famous for its "longest indoor hand painted mural" in the world, this is recorded in the Guinness Book of World Records......"



14. On the 14th. of June 2012 I went to the Wright Patterson Museum in Dayton Ohio, I had been to this museum before and had seen 1 "Blackbird" (number 4 above) they have 2 Blackbirds and one of them is located in a part of the museum that is only accessible by bus.... on my last visit there were no spaces left on the bus.... this time I was there first thing and got my name down :D This one is a "Blackbird" YF12A #60-6935 and was never used operationally, also in the photograph is a D21B drone.....


15. The next "Blackbird" is a SR71/A #61-7961 on display at the Kansas Cosmosphere at Hutchinson in Kansas, it is very difficult to see the entire aircraft and the photograph doesn't really do it any justice as it is mounted as if it is in flight.......


16. This "Blackbird" SR71/A #61-7964 is on display at the SAC Museum near Ashland in Nebraska, again it is mounted at an angle as if in flight but there is a lot more room around the aircraft to see it all more clearly........


17. On the 16th of April 2013 while on holiday, I went to the 8th. Air Force Museum at Barksdale Air Force Base at Bossier City Louisiana USA... This is "Blackbird" SR71/A #61-7967......


On the 22nd April 2013 I revisited the Air Force Armaments Museum at Eglin in Florida and took some more photographs of the "Blackbird" SR71/A #61-7959 at number 6 above.....


18. This "Blackbird" SR71/A #61-7979 is located at Lackland Air Force Base at San Antonio Texas USA....On the 25th of April 2013 I had to photograph this aircraft from some distance away as there was no admittance to the base for security reasons when I arrived....


19. In May 2014 on holiday in the USA I saw this "Blackbird" A12 Trainer #60-6927 called "Titanium Goose". It was the only one built. It is  located at the California Science Centre in Los Angeles. You can see that only the nose area was painted to stop the pilot from being dazzled by the sun.


20. This "Blackbird" SR71/A #61-9795 is at the March Field Air Museum, Riverside California. The cockpit was open and they had a gantry beside the aircraft so you could look inside. May 2014.


21. This "Blackbird" A12 #06933 stands outside the San Diego Air and Space Museum at Balboa Park San Diego, California. It is accompanied by a Sea Dart XF2Y-1 on pylons. Photograph taken on the 20th May 2014.

22. This "Blackbird" SR71/A #61-7951 is at the Pima Air and Space Museum at Tucson Arizona, when I visited in May 2014 the temperature was in the 90's F. Thank goodness for air conditioning.

23. This "Blackbird" SR71/A #61-7960 is at the Castle Air and Space Museum, at Atwater California. This aircraft flew the most operational missions than any other Blackbird and was the first one to fly over Vietnam. Photograph taken 27th May 2014.

24. On the 5th. June 2015 I was on holiday in the USA... I had to book this tour months in advance to visit the Edwards Air Force Base.....

This "Blackbird" SR71/A #61-7955 is at the Edwards Air Force Base Flight Test Centre Museum...... Unfortunately they do not allow any cameras to be taken onto the base beyond their gates as it is an operational base where they test current operational aircraft......

The museum website is at

Photographs of this aircraft can also be seen at.

**** SEE BELOW AT #28 ****

25. This "Blackbird" SR-71A #17971 - Is on display at the Evergreen Aviation Museum in McMinnville, Oregon, USA. Also in the picture you can see a GTD21B drone to the left of the Blackbird.

The Evergreen Aviation Museum is also the home of Howard Hughes "Spruce Goose" the largest wooden aircraft ever built....


26. This "Blackbird" is M-21 #06940 - On display at the Museum of Flight, Seattle, Washington, USA. It is the only remaining M-21. Only 2 were built and the other one was destroyed in an accident while testing the launching of the drones that they carried.....

Museum of Flight Website

27. On the 25th of June 2016 I visited the Hill Aerospace Museum at Ogden in Utah USA. They have the only SR71/C ever built #61-7981 nicknamed "The Bastard" it was built from the rear end of YF-12A #60-6934 and an engineering mock up of an SR/71A front end used for testing.


Hill Aerospace Museum Website:                               

On the 27th of June 2016 I was privileged to get to see and photograph 2 Blackbirds at Edwards AFB Museum. One I had seen before but was unable to take any photographs of at #24 above "Blackbird" SR71/A #61-7955 is at the Edwards Air Force Base Flight Test Centre Museum.

28. I also got to see the 28th Blackbird SR-71A #61-7980 (NASA 844) is on display inside the main gate at NASA Dryden Flight Research Centre at Edwards AFB, CA.
This area is not part of the tour at Edwards AFB. But I was given a tour by "Jack" who very kindly invited me onto the base to take these photographs.... Thank you very much Jack.

Blackbird Airpark Website :

29. I was very fortunate on the 13th. September 2018 to be able to go to Beale AFB in California... A friend of mine called Bill who served in the US Military was able to gain admittance to the base, we went on the base and I took some photographs of the 29th Blackbird SR-71A #61-7963..... Thank you very much Bill.

Beale AFB Website

There is now 1 remaining Blackbird that I will be unable to see due to its location.....

1. A-12 #06931 - On display at the CIA Headquarters Langley Virginia. Not open to the public.

Maybe in the future there will be a tour available when I may get to see the last remaining "Blackbird" aircraft and I will be able to get to photograph it.





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