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Hope everyone got all they wanted from Santa . Hope you all have a great 2016 ...

Posted: 26th December 15, 05:25pm

New website address for KillerInstinct Clan at link.... Also on the Links page...... :D


Posted: 26th December 15, 03:04pm

-=UK blade=-
Merry Christmas everyone

Posted: 25th December 15, 02:21pm

Merry Christmas to all sof players Have nice days

Posted: 24th December 15, 09:40pm

Feliz Navidad a todos los amigos un abrazo desde Chile - Happy Christmas to all the friends an embrace from Chile- Le Noël heureux à tous les amis une embrassade depuis le Chili Buon Natale a tutti gli amici un abbraccio dal Cile

Posted: 24th December 15, 08:59pm

Joyeux Noel / Happy Christmas to everyone from France.... :D

Posted: 24th December 15, 07:09pm

-=Garbage Slug=-
Happy Christmas to all SOF2 friends old and new. Shoot me later :)

Posted: 24th December 15, 10:55am

Merry Christmas Everyone....


Posted: 24th December 15, 09:52am

DooGie (aka -=Garbage DinGo=-)
Just a quick post to say thanks to Stano-sk for the good games tonight. A real star of SOF2.

Posted: 23rd December 15, 11:14pm

Mad Max
MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!!!!!!! Dear SOF Players - although You kill me every evening in a 100 ways (by Shotgun, by Assault Rifle, by Knife, by Sniper Rifle, by jumping into my face, by murdering me from behind, by blowing me up by grenades .......) I LOVE YOU ALL!!!!!!!!!!!! LOOOOOOOOOL!!!!!!!!!!! I wish You all Merry Christmas, tables full of steaks, chips, salads, vegetables, cakes, sweets, choco, icecream, beer, wine, whiskey, champagne .........!!!!!!!!!!!! Eat and drink as much as You can - this makes You slower on the map and I can kill You much more easier, yeeeeeaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Enjoy the "peaceful" days and always be aware that I AM THE FUTURE!!!!!!!!!!! Greetings from good old Germany

Posted: 22nd December 15, 05:08pm

Mr Lincoln
God Jul everyone Eat, play and have fun If you want more fun look up Tor Eckhoff on You Tube LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL

Posted: 21st December 15, 02:27pm

I would like to wish you all a Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays 2015, God jul, Joyeux Noel, Prettige Kerstdagen, Feliz Navidad, Frohe Weihnachten, Wesołych Świąt, Buon Natale, , Feliz Natal , Веселого Рождества...... To all the visitors to sofplayers.

Posted: 21st December 15, 12:34pm

Nido Fr
Hello !! i have installed Xmas mappack ! thx to CH PLAYERS for the downloads! Mr LINCOLN show me the maps with snow, and christmas song ! it's nice, thx all for this

Posted: 20th December 15, 09:21pm

Glad to hear you have the game installed I will have to sharpen the AK bayonet LOL....... :D

Posted: 20th December 15, 02:09pm

-=UK blade=-
hi guys, game installed and playing ok, have slight lag hopefully when virgin cable is installed on Tues it will bring it down. Just downloading maps, sound packs etc and trying to remember how to use them lol. looking forward to some xmas games Steve

Posted: 20th December 15, 11:40am

***Please download the CH Server Xmas Map Pack from the page at link as there will be times the maps will be running over the next few weeks***


Posted: 14th December 15, 09:46pm

Mr Lincoln
Hurry Blade i have biggggggggggggg IKEA Blade for

Posted: 11th December 15, 12:42pm

DooGie (aka -=Garbage DinGo=-)
If you come on CH server Steve don't forget it's SOF2 v1 not Gold.

Posted: 10th December 15, 09:11pm

Look forward to your sharp blade...... Help hes got a blade. LOL

Posted: 10th December 15, 08:42pm

-=UK Blade=-
Its nice to be remembered lol. If I can find my old sof disc would love to have a game with you guys over xmas. Until then 50, Feck off lol

Posted: 10th December 15, 07:07pm

Just home from seeing Mrs Browns Boys live show at the SSE Arena in Belfast tonight.......... It was Feckin Great LOL.

Posted: 8th December 15, 11:20pm

DooGie (aka -=Garbage DinGo=-)
I had some nice games with Stano-sk last weekend. He's a good player.

Posted: 8th December 15, 09:59pm

Yes indeed... you do great job mr B... lol .... nice that there is a server where old players come and of course also new ... i also play for fun and on ch is always fun to play with alot of nice friends ... good too hear that you enjoy on server Stano-sk (And about no answer... no problem .. that's okay... sometimes I talk too much loooooool)

Posted: 8th December 15, 03:55pm

Thanks for posting Stano-sk the CH Server has been running a long time CH Princess and CH Suse set the server up and in 2011 they stopped running the server and I took it on to try and keep the game alive. It is good to see old players returning to the game and still enjoying the gameplay.....

Posted: 8th December 15, 01:52pm

stano-sk, Jasmine, SX, standby ... lol. I'm a man born in 1963. Slovakia... Skin women used them cool. Many players did not lead to cope with that that the first is a girl. And are from the very frustrated when they discover the next game. If I do not win, you can not stand playing a few rounds and disconnect. It's just a provocation. Im sorry it is not always some I answered you (-=Lady=- , 50_BELLIES...). I do not know English. I understand something like this but some words are not. I need you to translate. This text is translated via Google Translate. Grammatical errors Advertise on Google. lol.... b..

Posted: 8th December 15, 01:02pm

Hello, I salute you just want to tell you that I am very happy that the server CH PlayersServer still works. The server had known very long time. Once upon a time there was a player CH Princess and other great players. It was in 199? and 2000, and others. One day 200?I came to play on this server and I registered cheater. I switched to spectate cheater. After what I'm sure of actually use cheats I wrote the other players and the players is cheater. uses aimbot, wallhack cheats and next. After a few minutes I received a ban and the other players. The administrator uses cheats !!! I have never not using any cheats. I do not need to win. it's great if you can actually play with players better than me. I am very angry, and then I stopped on the server CH PlayersServer play. after years I found on one disc SoF2 a game of curiosity, I start it. CH PlayersServer work and thus began a new story the old name stano-sk. My old nickname was >TK

Posted: 8th December 15, 01:01pm

Hi Steve nice to see you posting here. Hope you are well.

Posted: 7th December 15, 08:13pm

Help he's got a Blade...... hehehe good to see you haven't forgotten about the game M8....

Posted: 6th December 15, 10:26pm

DooGie (aka -=Garbage DinGo=-)
It's good to hear from you Steve. Guess you don't play any SOF now? The game still thrives though players are a bit thin on the ground at times.

Posted: 6th December 15, 09:37pm

Didn't believe it at first but sofII players is still alive and kicking. Best wishes to 50, Slug and Dingo, hope you are all ok. Steve

Posted: 6th December 15, 09:19pm

Happy Birthday today goes to a young lady, Christiane from France who is 80 years old today...... Happy Birthday to you... Happy Birthday to you... Happy Birthday Christiane.... Happy Birthday to you.... :D


Posted: 3rd December 15, 10:07pm

New link to KillerInstinct SOF2 Clan website added to the links page..... Welcome to Sofplayers.......


Posted: 3rd December 15, 10:38am

Happy Saint Andrews Day......... :D

Posted: 30th November 15, 09:59am

Happy Thanksgiving Day....... :D

Posted: 26th November 15, 10:07am

Found this


Posted: 25th November 15, 12:38am

Thanks for the information about the House of Pain servers... I am sure people will be interested to see that the SOF game is still alive and kicking..... :D

Posted: 17th November 15, 06:47pm

HouseOfpain hosts their own special clan nights events each saturday evening at 19:00 uk time. The events consists of custom maps , exclusive gametypes. We are all about dedicating 1 night of the week to just having some good old clean fun on soldier of fortune 2. We offer these events weekly for both gokd edition and version 1.00. We are sending everyone a invite here at for anyone that wants to have a bit of fun and games with us. We are a friendly sociable bunch who just like to keep the community together as much as we can. To learn more visit :


Posted: 17th November 15, 03:05pm

Thoughts go out to the families of the victims of the attacks carried out in France last night.......

Posted: 14th November 15, 10:01am