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Hi lil zip how u doing u were 9 last time heard from u hows ur dad doing. He did my m8 Lee great favour just by telling him wat to do when he came out the army say thanks from me and lee to trev.

Posted: 3rd July 12, 10:21pm

Hi Little Zippy it's good to hear from you, bet you are bigger than Zippy now :)

Posted: 3rd July 12, 07:07pm

Hi LittleZippy good to hear you and your Dad are doing OK......:)

Posted: 3rd July 12, 09:54am

Hello guys and girls, how are we all? Good to still see familiar names in the box such as Doogie, Degem and 50's. It's been a while, just to let you know me and big Zippy are still gaming on Battlefield3 under our usual names so if you have Battlelog maybe add us? Love to get in contact with you guys again as nothing has beaten SoF2 in terms of community. I'll leave my Facebook and MSN here in case anyone wants to contact me! MSN: Facebook: Speak soon guys and girls!

Posted: 3rd July 12, 01:01am

DooGie (aka -=Garbage DinGo=-)
Cheers for posting the pics 50 :) No way would I stand on that glass floor looking down though, think it would make me puke.

Posted: 1st July 12, 07:38pm

I see that the holidays were really successful. A fantastic thing to fly to the U.S. and explore this wonderful place. Super is impressive. Revelation to me.

Posted: 1st July 12, 05:17pm

Some holiday photos added to the Holiday Pics page at link..... :)


Posted: 1st July 12, 02:16pm

Degem I am not an expert but even though I banned the IP it doesn't stop the person from seeing the page it does stop them from posting.... the post was offensive and childish.....

Posted: 1st July 12, 11:47am

It was fun to play SOF2 again. I had some nice games last night.

Posted: 1st July 12, 08:38am

Thing is wat was the point of telling someone u banned by ip anything at all. He is banned and cannot read the page. or was that just anger. Sorry never seen u angry before as i said.

Posted: 1st July 12, 12:59am

Sorry m8 forgot ur expert now. Just my age.

Posted: 30th June 12, 11:30pm

Great games on CH tonight good to see JepJep playing too..... :D

Posted: 30th June 12, 11:08pm

I already banned the IP Degem before I posted my reply and also removed the offensive post.... As it says in the note.. Please note any offensive or inappropriate comments *WILL BE REMOVED*

Posted: 30th June 12, 11:03pm

If u really think he is a prick the ban the ip. u can ban the ip in same way u ban guid

Posted: 30th June 12, 10:52pm

ref brain cell 1. Not like u to get annoyed 50. bye the way its not me

Posted: 30th June 12, 10:47pm

Disco Frank
what a good night, ready to boogie

Posted: 29th June 12, 11:08pm

The person who has the IP address of has only 1 brain cell..... :D

Posted: 29th June 12, 10:53pm

Take it u love aircraft 50 i used to have same interest. Thing is after about 3000 hours flying in crap aircaft it becomes boring.

Posted: 29th June 12, 08:28pm

Fantastic gallery. Great machine. ;)

Posted: 28th June 12, 07:47am

4 New Blackbird photographs from my recent trip added to the Blackbirds page at link...will add some holiday pics soon....


Posted: 27th June 12, 11:16pm

Yeah 50 there were some great games tonight. Hope you enjoyed your holiday m8

Posted: 26th June 12, 10:04pm

Hello Mr 50 ;)

Posted: 26th June 12, 09:37pm

Back from holidays... had some great games tonight..... :D

Posted: 26th June 12, 09:27pm

Spoony did'nt watch it just ran it with sound off just to use as much mem as i cud.

Posted: 25th June 12, 07:28pm

don't think i could watch Harry Potter for longer than 10 minutes let alone twice in 4 hrs!


Posted: 25th June 12, 03:14pm

Thanks doogie reconfigured mem so that new 1gb stick installed in 1 slot nearest cpu and old mem installed in other channel is working ran video of harry potter twice for over 4 hours done download and it did freeze when plugged in usb but now seems ok

Posted: 22nd June 12, 10:28pm

It's not as simple as that Degem. If you use several memory sticks of different speeds the speed will always be set to the slowest one unless you want to spend hours playing around with bios settings. However if say for instance you are installing two memory sticks on a dual channel mobo with 4 memory slots then it would be normal to install one stick in slot 1 which in general is nearest to the CPU and the second stick into the third slot. So you would have stick of ram, empty slot, stick of ram, empty slot.

Posted: 22nd June 12, 09:38pm

dual channel memory does anyone know if the nearest slot to the processor sets up the speed of all the channels

Posted: 22nd June 12, 07:34pm

Why can't Sof2 be set up like this, same engine


Posted: 22nd June 12, 01:30am

Think even to go see white socks is fun, never figured out the score system but just the fun everyone has there is worth watching

Posted: 20th June 12, 09:04pm

Hope u enjoying Chicago m8. Have been up the seers, have the best holiday.

Posted: 20th June 12, 07:31pm

Hi Cassio Wicked some people still playing SOF2 I would be playing but I am on holiday in the USA at the moment... :D Covering a lot of ground and enjoying ourselves haven't really had much of a chance to post all week... See you all soon...:D

Posted: 20th June 12, 12:40am

Hello Guys, It has been so long ago. I am probably asking a very stupid question, but as I was cleaning parts of my computer I found some old screenshots. Made me feel extremely old-skool. Was just wondering: do people actually still play SoF II? Or have al servers closed down? Last time I came close to the fire was about 2 years ago when decided to go down...Still have a profile on this site do! Keep up the work, enjoy the sun and Euro 2012. Peace, Cassio.

Posted: 19th June 12, 11:03pm

The new wolfenstein sp was great but online crap same as hl2 online gaming was really poor

Posted: 19th June 12, 10:47pm

Download and try games all the time atm got duke nukem and serious sam. just trying em out duke nukem plays ok and is quite good but serious sam requires a huge video card that i don't have. Because i have slim case with the power supply front bottom with a lead to the back am restriced to a video card only 8.5 inches in length which is a gigabyte geforce 250

Posted: 19th June 12, 10:26pm

I'm the same Degem, trouble is that I feel that it's apathy taking over. Things come automatically when you've played a game so long and when you try a new game and find it different and harder you tend to revert back to what you feel comfortable with instead of pushing on and mastering the new game. Now a player like Magpie I admire, he's up for a lot of new games and gives them a good go.

Posted: 19th June 12, 09:49pm

yes mords like u i find the game much simpler and faster to play and that's why it shud be kept going

Posted: 19th June 12, 07:30pm

I play well for a long time, I'm already 38 year old guy, I do not like the new game to play. That is why I am loyal to the old game, for their simplicity and great playability. greetings

Posted: 18th June 12, 10:19pm