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Slug just to let you know you showed as having "Server command overflow" tonight after you left the server also happened to Dr.Squall too..... I can only find a reference to it as the internet connection can't keep up with the server? Any one have any other input on this message?

Posted: 11th July 12, 10:20pm

oh okay thanks!

Posted: 11th July 12, 09:56pm

DooGie (aka -=Garbage DinGo=-)
Pleased to hear it Dr.Squall. Your stats for CH server are stored on one of the Gametracker servers not your own PC that's why you still have them. As 50 Bellies posted :) Autoexec.bat is very useful for various binds, for instance if you want to cycle binds to one keystroke or even in the halcyon days of SOF2 Gold binding various PB commands. Now those really were the days. (I hear the sound of Slug groaning lol).

Posted: 11th July 12, 08:10pm

I re installed SOF2 just fine and I still have my stats! I am using the autoexec but i am just wondering, what is the difference between doing all these commands in game and doing it in a notepad? Anyways thanks for you guys help again. :)

Posted: 10th July 12, 08:09pm

i put basic settings in autoexec like snaps and rate because some servers cause it to change would like also to put model in because some ctf servers change ur model

Posted: 10th July 12, 04:17pm

Dr Squall if you mean the Gametracker stats then you will not lose them if you re-installed the game.... Can you not un-install the res patcher as it seems this is causing your problem? With regard to the auto-exec file you don't need it unless you are running scripts of some kind for leaning or some bind scripts.

Posted: 10th July 12, 09:08am

No I have not. I got a prob though. I tried patching my game with the Squ1zzy res patcher and now i don't get any sound when i play and i am missing ALOT of textures.It is not anything with my computer because i can run any game on max because i update it every month. Any way i can repair my game or re install it without loosing my stats? (I when i said dominating i meant dominating anyone who is not a bot. I have always dominated the bots)

Posted: 9th July 12, 11:51pm

Dr squall have u set up an autoexec file if u dont do that u will be slow

Posted: 9th July 12, 09:44pm

Dr Squall that just means u kill the bots

Posted: 9th July 12, 09:40pm

I am now dominating the server thanks to you guys! ( dominating meaning killing everyone who is not in the top 20)

Posted: 9th July 12, 08:02am

Thanks for the help guys! know i have my crosshair set how i like it and key bindings 2!

Posted: 9th July 12, 06:43am

Nice Slug m8 so it is working and sim free. I am thinking about trying other roms now just to see wat is best

Posted: 8th July 12, 07:13pm

Hi Degem. I still charge it overnight but it would last me two days. Better than it was for sure. I use it with Bluetooth headphones playing music quite a bit as well.

Posted: 8th July 12, 03:39pm

sorry that was to slug

Posted: 8th July 12, 02:53pm

How is ur phone running now. battery life on mine is massive now only have to charge it every 3 days

Posted: 8th July 12, 02:52pm

Glad you liked the pictures Miss Tick.... The one with the rockets is for you.... LOL.

Posted: 7th July 12, 07:44pm

Miss Tick
Great pictures of your holidays. Very beautiful sites... great trip.

Posted: 7th July 12, 05:12pm

DooGie (aka -=Garbage DinGo=-)
Welcome Dr.Squall. Look forward to playing you sometime :)

Posted: 6th July 12, 03:43pm

Hi Dr. Squall welcome to sofplayers...... :D Plenty of SOF clan websites at the links page here on sofplayers. Also page for Hints and Tips here too.


Posted: 6th July 12, 11:15am

Any websites you guys recommend for a newcomer? Any sites to give me tips, places i should sign up at?

Posted: 6th July 12, 07:15am

hey 50_bells and Mr lincoln. I had no idea you guys were famous around SofII. I played with you guys today. Got to say i am a pretty good knife thrower for just starting the game today. I want to join the community and improve my game play skills. glad i could meet you guys! :)

Posted: 6th July 12, 07:09am

I am catching up to big Zippy now, I'm not so little lol. I was nine last time!? Jesus, I'm 18 now, 19 in September. We're all fine at this end, still gaming heavily and I'm still only online at weekends :(

Posted: 4th July 12, 12:06pm

Happy 4th. of July..... Independence Day in USA...... :D

Posted: 4th July 12, 08:18am

Hi lil zip how u doing u were 9 last time heard from u hows ur dad doing. He did my m8 Lee great favour just by telling him wat to do when he came out the army say thanks from me and lee to trev.

Posted: 3rd July 12, 10:21pm

Hi Little Zippy it's good to hear from you, bet you are bigger than Zippy now :)

Posted: 3rd July 12, 07:07pm

Hi LittleZippy good to hear you and your Dad are doing OK......:)

Posted: 3rd July 12, 09:54am

Hello guys and girls, how are we all? Good to still see familiar names in the box such as Doogie, Degem and 50's. It's been a while, just to let you know me and big Zippy are still gaming on Battlefield3 under our usual names so if you have Battlelog maybe add us? Love to get in contact with you guys again as nothing has beaten SoF2 in terms of community. I'll leave my Facebook and MSN here in case anyone wants to contact me! MSN: Facebook: Speak soon guys and girls!

Posted: 3rd July 12, 01:01am

DooGie (aka -=Garbage DinGo=-)
Cheers for posting the pics 50 :) No way would I stand on that glass floor looking down though, think it would make me puke.

Posted: 1st July 12, 07:38pm

I see that the holidays were really successful. A fantastic thing to fly to the U.S. and explore this wonderful place. Super is impressive. Revelation to me.

Posted: 1st July 12, 05:17pm

Some holiday photos added to the Holiday Pics page at link..... :)


Posted: 1st July 12, 02:16pm

Degem I am not an expert but even though I banned the IP it doesn't stop the person from seeing the page it does stop them from posting.... the post was offensive and childish.....

Posted: 1st July 12, 11:47am

It was fun to play SOF2 again. I had some nice games last night.

Posted: 1st July 12, 08:38am

Thing is wat was the point of telling someone u banned by ip anything at all. He is banned and cannot read the page. or was that just anger. Sorry never seen u angry before as i said.

Posted: 1st July 12, 12:59am

Sorry m8 forgot ur expert now. Just my age.

Posted: 30th June 12, 11:30pm

Great games on CH tonight good to see JepJep playing too..... :D

Posted: 30th June 12, 11:08pm

I already banned the IP Degem before I posted my reply and also removed the offensive post.... As it says in the note.. Please note any offensive or inappropriate comments *WILL BE REMOVED*

Posted: 30th June 12, 11:03pm

If u really think he is a prick the ban the ip. u can ban the ip in same way u ban guid

Posted: 30th June 12, 10:52pm

ref brain cell 1. Not like u to get annoyed 50. bye the way its not me

Posted: 30th June 12, 10:47pm