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Very nice Jan I will have to come visit you some time LOL.

Posted: 17th April 15, 04:07pm

Mike this is in my backyard


Posted: 17th April 15, 03:51pm


Posted: 15th April 15, 06:31pm

Who stole the soul from the sun in a world come undone at the seams?

Posted: 14th April 15, 06:38pm

Thanks for the info Teo I appreciate your help.

Posted: 13th April 15, 07:29pm

We are deeply sorry, guys server have been offline and i'm checking why but we were not able to monitor it because we have been DDoS'ed all the time and our website has been down for days.


Posted: 13th April 15, 07:08pm

Server back online m8

Posted: 13th April 15, 05:05pm

The server is online but still no access to control panel on Proclanservers website.

Posted: 13th April 15, 09:12am

Were you 50 not given alternative ip's if this happened

Posted: 12th April 15, 11:04pm

two server coming up inactive on favourites one of them is yours

Posted: 12th April 15, 11:03pm

DooGie (aka -=Garbage DinGo=-)
No Mike I can't connect to play. It's only been down for around 12 hours give them a chance to fix it. Could be a bit of maintenance work but I'd have thought they would have notified you about that. Did you get my belated email by the way?

Posted: 12th April 15, 08:43pm

The e-mail I sent can't be delivered to Proclanservers .... The website with control panel cant be displayed and the server is offline.... Yes it can be accessed by FTP but I can't connect to the server to play, can anyone else connect to the server to play?..... I will give it some time to see if I hear anything from proclanservers.

Posted: 12th April 15, 08:38pm

DooGie (aka -=Garbage DinGo=-)
Strange 50 as you can still access CH server through ftp. so the server is actually running.

Posted: 12th April 15, 06:43pm

The server seems to be offline and I have tried to access the control panel at Proclanservers without success as the website is unavailable. I have sent an e-mail to see what the problem is.

Posted: 12th April 15, 01:16pm

DooGie (aka -=Garbage DinGo=-)
Partly the same as Degem. CCleaner free, Malwarebytes Anti Malware but my AV is ESET Nod32 which I've used for years and is a paid for programme. Never had reason to fault it though, protection is good and it is very light on resources.

Posted: 11th April 15, 10:23pm

Slug I use three programs. AVG free, Malwarebytes free and CCleaner free. As is obvious all three are completely free and do everything you need to keep computer safe and running fast.

Posted: 11th April 15, 03:23pm

Slug I use AVG Free anti virus as the name says it is free and I have used it for years seems to do the job OK.

Posted: 11th April 15, 02:13pm

I am now using Windows 8.1. Have previously used Grisoft AVG Antivirus but later versions seem bloated. This PC came with McAfee but have uninstalled that. So at present just have built in Windows Defender. Anyone using this alone? Is it sufficient? Without the bloat my pc is running very fast and come on quicker than I could have imagined possible. Do I need additional Anti Virus?

Posted: 11th April 15, 01:03pm

New link added to Links page.... House of Pain Server portal link added... Welcome to Sofplayers.


Posted: 9th April 15, 08:04pm

My brother in law is ex bt engineer and he has endless hastle with bt email system. he has gone over to yahoo email because of it.

Posted: 8th April 15, 01:32pm

DooGie (aka -=Garbage DinGo=-)
Hi 50, I've just been on the BT forum and it seems there's a problem with their email system. So it's probably their end and not yours.

Posted: 4th April 15, 07:27pm

I sent you another e-mail and it is the same delayed, anyhow I am off to England on the Ferry (Belfast to Liverpool) back home on Tuesday night.....

Posted: 4th April 15, 05:54pm

DooGie (aka -=Garbage DinGo=-)
Yes 50 I received the one you sent this morning, thanks. The problem could have been that I download my emails using Thunderbird and forget that they are still on the BT server as well. I looked at my emails on the server last night and there were around 800, could have just been congestion. I emptied my mail box on line to see if that helped.

Posted: 4th April 15, 04:11pm

DooGie I sent you another e-mail this morning as test it was also not delivered.... Same message.

Posted: 4th April 15, 11:25am

DooGie here is a copy of the message I received about the e-mails I sent....... I'm sorry to have to inform you that your message has not yet been delivered to one or more recipients. It's attached below. delayed:>MX: 421 Too many messages ( I removed your e-mail address from the reply.

Posted: 3rd April 15, 10:43pm

Thanks for your input Austyn...... Still quite a few servers still running SOF both V1 and Gold versions some servers play new Hide and Seek Mod and also some servers running 1fx and RPM Mods as far as those particular maps I am sure someone runs them......

Posted: 2nd April 15, 03:59pm

just to point out, you can avoid tax on your belonging after if you die if you place all your belongings into a trust fund in the names of your offspring. That way when you die, you technically and legally own nothing. If you are put into a care home then the government pays for it (like they normally do if you have no money) and the cost isnt subtracted from the value of your home. The trust only gets 100% accessibility after 5 years and upon death of the person(s) who set it up. Should do your homework. Anyway, im here for SOF2, anybody sitll play this awesome game? any bigfreakinhouse or tb_high_wire_2 servers still rattling about?

Posted: 2nd April 15, 01:53pm

Thought was going to leave money to Kids but seems Government is going to take it so think donate in lifetime and it is free to family and spend the excess then the Government get nothing

Posted: 31st March 15, 07:10pm

Just looked at when you die. What ever you leave is taxed at 45%so your family only get really half. I think that is greedy.

Posted: 31st March 15, 07:07pm

DooGie (aka -=Garbage DinGo=-)
A pity they don't spend enough of the tax on the NHS.

Posted: 29th March 15, 09:12pm

Then when you die they tax what you had LOL so they get tax when you are alive and dead...... :D Remember the clocks go FORWARD 1 hour tonight after midnight in the UK.

Posted: 28th March 15, 12:16pm

O.A.P is a nightmare be careful when you retire because the tax man takes all your extra money that you worked for.

Posted: 27th March 15, 05:17pm

Server is working again....... Some issues with networking from certain areas were affecting the server... Now sorted out... Thanks ProclanServers for info.

Posted: 25th March 15, 08:54pm

The server has stopped working..... I have informed Proclanservers have to wait and see what is wrong.

Posted: 25th March 15, 07:40pm

Hi Chuss greetings from Ireland........... :D

Posted: 17th March 15, 10:26pm

DooGie (aka -=Garbage DinGo=-)
Hi ChusS m8, hope you are keeping well :)

Posted: 17th March 15, 08:21pm

hello friends, always a pleasure to play with good people . greetings to all

Posted: 17th March 15, 06:18pm

Happy Saint Patricks Day........... :D

Posted: 17th March 15, 09:40am