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Had a great weekend in Scotland the weather was absolutely fabulous except for being very cold and windy at Edinburgh Castle for the Queens Birthday Gun Salute, the rest of the time the sun was shining. Hey TGS AMMO good to see you visiting Sofplayers :D.... There is a new SOF2 website added to the links page ... Death-Lords website at link... Welcome to Sofplayers .


Posted: 22nd April 14, 10:28am

-=|TGS|=- Ammo
have a big love for the Game! love my M4, my Knife, jumping, kissing (???), love my Uzi, and all other Sof 2 Players (and her Blood on my Bajonett. Cya on the Server`s


Posted: 19th April 14, 03:29pm

DooGie (aka -=Garbage DinGo=-)
Have a good time 50 :)

Posted: 18th April 14, 10:05pm

Off to Scotland early in the morning...... Back on Tuesday.... Happy Easter everyone.... MMMMMMMMMMMMMMM Chocolate :D

Posted: 18th April 14, 09:52pm

HI little zippy how trevor say im asking for him

Posted: 18th April 14, 07:46pm

Infrequent there has been a since October 2012 I don't know why they don't point to the same page, should they? Maybe that's something I will have to try and sort out..... Some advice is always welcome. Only reason I mentioned it was I copied John (Little Zippys) post that he had put on there so peeps could read it on here as very little posting has been done on the .com site.

Posted: 16th April 14, 09:09pm

Why do you have too ? And why do both domains not point to the excact same page ? I had never heard of before you mentioned it, Bellies.

Posted: 16th April 14, 07:21pm

Hi John good to hear you still check in from time to time.... Frank Spencer started playing SOF2 again a while back but haven't seen him recently.

Posted: 14th April 14, 08:34am

Copy of post on John (aka LittleZippyUK) Been a while since I posted, must dig out my old disk and maybe catch up with you guys. Mainly playing CS:GO these days. Hope you're all doing ok, is Frank Spencer still around? Remember visiting him and Jessica Spencer as a child around Halloween, lost contact with Jessica so so long ago.

Posted: 14th April 14, 08:32am

New SOF2 website and Forum added to the links page Koma| at the link.......... Welcome to Sofplayers.


Posted: 9th April 14, 10:13pm

Went to see Captain America last night ...... It was a good movie.

Posted: 5th April 14, 08:03am

Happy Mothers Day.......... :D

Posted: 30th March 14, 02:18pm

****Don't forget Clocks go FORWARD 1 Hour in UK tonight****

Posted: 29th March 14, 09:36pm

For information..... The server is now running a different mapcycle with some new maps like Jor 1 that will require the CH map pack.... The format is the same with 1 Normal map followed by 1 RMG map.You can see the mapcycle at the link.


Posted: 28th March 14, 11:03am

Cheers m8, been watching some old youtube vids and it takes me back:)

Posted: 25th March 14, 03:38pm

Hi M@DDeN we play on the server most evenings on GMT/CET sometimes during the day there are some players on too....

Posted: 25th March 14, 02:36pm

Hey, guys i love sniping...when do you play on server? I live in India so i dont know when your saturday night somes :P

Posted: 25th March 14, 01:44pm

DooGie (aka -=Garbage DinGo=-)
Yes it'll work fine on Vista Mobb and on Windows 7 & 8.

Posted: 24th March 14, 09:29pm

Hi Mobb yes there are still some servers playing SOF2 both on version 1 and also on the 1.03 Gold versions..... there was a link on here to download the game I will check for it and post a link to it when I find it........

Posted: 24th March 14, 09:05pm

Hi used to play sof and sof 2 back in the day, mainly on jolt servers. Is this game still active? where could i rebuy the game and would it work on vista. Cheers

Posted: 24th March 14, 06:29pm

Doogie you just found reality 4 seasons in one day. In Scotland we love it. There is a rule in Scotland if you want to go abroad follow the rain because it does wash away the crap

Posted: 23rd March 14, 12:51am

That's Spring time for you DooGie..... :D

Posted: 22nd March 14, 11:10pm

Strange weather here in the Lake District. Woke up around 7 this morning with bright sunlight streaming through the window. Half an hour later the sky filled with dark rainclouds, temps dropped and the heavens opened. Next on the agenda was sleet, hail then snow. Another hour later and the sun was out with blue skies and it felt quite warm.

Posted: 22nd March 14, 09:15pm

yeah 50 year after sof2 just found it again so installed and it runs at full hd no key required and you control 4 team members and can switch between them to use their abilities to move round the maps. full first or third person fps

Posted: 20th March 14, 11:35pm

That's nice DooGie have a great time M8.......... :D

Posted: 20th March 14, 10:47pm

DooGie (aka -=Garbage DinGo=-)
I'm off to the Lake District again for 3 days. Looks like I'll be getting wet according to the weather forecast. Still the cottage is only 50 yards from the pub :)

Posted: 20th March 14, 09:55pm

Not played it Degem.... Is it an old game?

Posted: 19th March 14, 10:46am

Has anyone here played project eden for pc

Posted: 18th March 14, 08:13pm

Glad you got sorted out Malone.....

Posted: 18th March 14, 07:32pm

Reinstalled the game, problem solved.

Posted: 18th March 14, 06:22pm

Happy Saint Patricks Day....... As DooGie says Malone just type connect in the console I don't understand why you don't get a full list of servers... I take it you click on the get a new list button......... EDIT: you need to place a backslash before connect:

Posted: 17th March 14, 12:05am

DooGie (aka -=Garbage DinGo=-)
Malone just open the console and type connect

Posted: 16th March 14, 09:07pm

Not in the list, only 5 other inactive ones. Nothing else

Posted: 16th March 14, 02:27pm

DooGie (aka -=Garbage DinGo=-)
No I didn't have a cake 50. Just a very nice Thai green chicken curry accompanied by half a bottle of red wine and several beers :) Cheers 50.

Posted: 15th March 14, 11:36pm

Belated Happy Birthday to DooGie for last Wednesday....... Happy Birthday M8 hope you had a BIG CAKE!!!!!

Posted: 15th March 14, 11:21pm

Malone tried to connect to server but said unavailable till I noticed I was on favourites and and not internet changed to internet and connected straight away

Posted: 11th March 14, 07:54pm

Malone do you have the CH Server in the In game list?

Posted: 11th March 14, 05:53pm

Hi, sorry but I get only an ïnactive message. I triple checked IP address.

Posted: 11th March 14, 04:31pm