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if u ever see a player last known name CoCa CoLa blue sky colours watch him really closely.i so him on another servers whith aimbot and wh ip: cheers and Happy New Year

Posted: 4th January 13, 06:20am

Happy New Year Infrequent 200 games I would say that's Frequent LOL.... :D

Posted: 3rd January 13, 08:26pm

Happy New Year All. Another year and still many SOF2 matches to be played :) Since I always take scoreboard screenshots I can see that I've played around 200 games just in december :) ...

Posted: 3rd January 13, 08:00pm

Another New Map "The Depot" depicting a train depot made by MajorProblem has been uploaded to the downloads and maps pages at link.... It looks great.... Thanks again MajorProblem.


Posted: 2nd January 13, 03:32pm

Hi Arek Happy New Year to you too.... It seems that programs can be run in compatability mode in Windows 8 as in other versions of Windows so there should be no problems.... Let us know how you get on.

Posted: 2nd January 13, 10:14am

Hi. is any chance to play sof on windows 8??? Happy New Year!!!

Posted: 2nd January 13, 12:49am

Happy New Year/Joyeux Nouvel An/Gott Nytt Ar/Feliz Ano Nuevo/Gelukkig Nieuwjaar/Gluckliches neues Jahr/Onnellista uutta vuotta/Buon anno..... to you all..... :D

Posted: 31st December 12, 07:49pm

Mr Lincoln
Happy New Year all and Take care out there

Posted: 31st December 12, 05:39pm

Hi Degem Happy New Year to you all in Scotland or should I say Happy Hogmanay? I have uploaded another New map from MajorProblem to the Maps and Download pages at link it is called The Chateau Summer as it is a summer setting for the map from Call of Duty... It looks great. Good Job MajorProblem....


Posted: 31st December 12, 12:25pm

Tks emma got cts or rsi so have to recover been typing since i was 17 and now 62 so gotta have a break and recover

Posted: 31st December 12, 12:44am

This boy is cracking up.... This boy has broke down......... hola....:D

Posted: 30th December 12, 02:18pm

Emma - PH clan
i'm quite bored , where's Dagem gone? cheers Mike and majorp will see if we can get it in the server

Posted: 30th December 12, 01:20am

Happy New Year to you LemonadeSoda look forward to seeing you in 2013.... :D Another new map by MajorProblem called "The Chateau" based on a Call of Duty map has been uploaded to the Maps and Downloads pages at link.... It looks great and has a winter setting..... :D


Posted: 29th December 12, 02:53pm

Happy New Year to all SOF friends! See you online in 2013!

Posted: 28th December 12, 11:54pm

DooGie (aka -=Garbage DinGo=-)
Some great games on CH tonight 50, sorry you missed them.

Posted: 27th December 12, 11:12pm

HaVe a GreaT TiMe DooGie...... And a Happy New Year to you and your Family..... :D

Posted: 27th December 12, 10:17pm

DooGie (aka -=Garbage DinGo=-)
Here I come New Zealand. Off there for 3 weeks holiday tomorrow, pure magic :)

Posted: 27th December 12, 10:14pm

See link to install V1 from Gold.... You can have both versions installed at the same time.


Posted: 27th December 12, 06:53pm

Is there still instructions here to turn gold into ver 1?

Posted: 27th December 12, 06:24pm

DooGie (aka -=Garbage DinGo=-)
Version 1 m8 :) On CH server which is run by 50 Bellies.

Posted: 27th December 12, 06:20pm

Hi guys you still playing if so ver 1 or gold? might pop along for a game :-)

Posted: 27th December 12, 05:57pm

New website added to links page "Starfox" at link......


Posted: 27th December 12, 12:31pm

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. To All ;-)

Posted: 25th December 12, 09:00pm

DooGie (aka -=Garbage DinGo=-)
Hope to see more of you in the game slug. Best wishes to you and Barbara, Happy Xmas m8 :-)

Posted: 25th December 12, 12:07am

It was good to see you on Slug.... Good games too.... :D

Posted: 24th December 12, 11:49pm

Had a nice time on CH tonight. Have a great Christmas everyone.

Posted: 24th December 12, 10:49pm

wish everybody a merry christmas and a happy/healthy/fragging new year gr jan

Posted: 24th December 12, 10:04pm

DooGie (aka -=Garbage DinGo=-)
Wishing everybody a very merry Xmas and a Happy New Year.

Posted: 24th December 12, 08:15pm

Emma - PH clan
Merry Christmas all sof2 players and their Kin xxx

Posted: 24th December 12, 07:05pm

Merry Christmas/Joyeux Noel/God Jul/Gelukkig kerstfeest/Frohe Weihnachten/Feliz Navidad..... To you all..... Eat Drink and be Merry....... :D

Posted: 24th December 12, 03:47pm

Mr Lincoln
Merry Christmas all

Posted: 24th December 12, 03:29pm

MERRY CHRISTMAS AND A HAPPY NEW YEAR :) hope to come play in the new year

Posted: 24th December 12, 03:15pm

i wish all the ppl on this forum MERRY CHRISTMAS AND A HAPPY NEW YEAR. I HOPE 2013 BRINGS US MORE UNDERSTANDING AND HAPPYNESShappy holydays evryone

Posted: 24th December 12, 12:31pm

Merry Xmas

Posted: 24th December 12, 02:40am

Sorry I missed Suse M8 I had visitors all evening..... Hopefully there will be a next time.....

Posted: 24th December 12, 12:40am

DooGie (aka -=Garbage DinGo=-)
It was good to see SusE on CH tonight :) Where were you 50 ?

Posted: 23rd December 12, 11:15pm

DooGie (aka -=Garbage DinGo=-)
Sounds like a good film 50 :)

Posted: 23rd December 12, 04:38pm

The Hobbit was a good movie plenty of action and terrific scenery in New Zealand........ :D

Posted: 23rd December 12, 01:22am