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It's amazing how many Alert - New Registration emails you get in 24 hours 50 ;-)

Posted: 1st May 12, 07:13pm

Miss Tick
Thank you 50 to have opened the registrations.

Posted: 1st May 12, 06:11pm

Forum registrations are closed again e-mail me if you wish to register

Posted: 1st May 12, 05:57pm

Can complete full single player in about 4 hours

Posted: 30th April 12, 08:09pm

Forum registrations are open for a while.....

Posted: 30th April 12, 06:10pm

If i go to bed hungry always think about food. So tonight going to have a hough on toast. to the english its jellyed beef on toast.

Posted: 30th April 12, 01:10am

Moved into where u visited with me 50.In Nov 1999. Was playing alfa in 2000 then beta in 2001 and bygames had demo in late 2001. which had probs then was only released as a demo in 2002. Thing is don't know how many players have actually completed single player game

Posted: 29th April 12, 11:45pm

Bygames were running the demo and the beta but on demo was guy called deus who had all the hacks. Told to get intouch with admins on mirc. So ran mirc and got told how to minimize sof2 to tell em on mirc that there was a cheat. Therefore that's how became admin

Posted: 29th April 12, 10:47pm

Thst's y im trying to set up a server can afford to leave it on all day

Posted: 29th April 12, 10:40pm

as an sof1 player got the beta and in single player had probs but also u remember zippyuk also had beta

Posted: 29th April 12, 10:34pm

According to Wikipedia the release date for SOF2 was May 20, 2002.... The demo (mptest) was added to Filefrpnt for download on the April 18. 2002..... Thats good news Degem about your internet I wish I could get 60mbs download speed LOL.

Posted: 29th April 12, 10:19pm

oh forgot it is and sli machine with two 7300 video cards both with 256 gram

Posted: 29th April 12, 09:41pm

Getting my superhub on the 8th may so want to get sof2 up and running 60mbs download and 6mbs upload.Sever is asus mobo with amd 4000 single chip 1.5 gig ram and two 80 gig hdd

Posted: 29th April 12, 09:36pm

tks fifty just having and old midnight snack irish bacon and sausage with eggs and fried bread

Posted: 28th April 12, 11:43pm

The pictures of Cosford are from when I visited the RAF Museum there.... in the cfg I think you can specify set bot_enable "0".

Posted: 28th April 12, 11:25pm

In fact got pictures of cosford in 1967

Posted: 28th April 12, 10:18pm

Got a couple of pics of cosford in 1970. But they are what the station was used for.

Posted: 28th April 12, 10:17pm

And y are pics of RAF Cosford place on this site

Posted: 28th April 12, 09:34pm

ok m8 being a pest now but is it possible to disable bots only for ctf by using the mapcycle.cfg

Posted: 28th April 12, 09:28pm

thanks m8

Posted: 28th April 12, 09:20pm

Yes Degem the bots can be disabled in the rpm and server cfg files....

Posted: 28th April 12, 09:16pm

Can the bots be turned off. Want to run a server with every third map being ctf so give a mixture of ctf and dm. I remember ctf on rmg is really hard.

Posted: 28th April 12, 09:08pm

Thanks fifty for the email.

Posted: 28th April 12, 06:33pm

Hi Helicon good to hear from you...... :)

Posted: 28th April 12, 02:43pm

Just passing by and wanted to pass on my regards. Good to see people still playing :)

Posted: 28th April 12, 02:28pm

Miss Tick
Hello all. @Mords, its good to have a news. Good renovations and deeply the next month to see you again.

Posted: 27th April 12, 03:58pm

50 can u pm me have u on msn want ur help with set up. its long time since done it.

Posted: 27th April 12, 02:22am

50 called em today virgin say still working on system expect low mps because want to finish system by april

Posted: 26th April 12, 10:20pm

So long it takes and absorbs a lot of money. Grrrrrr See you in game soon,

Posted: 26th April 12, 10:00pm

Hey Mords good to hear from you hope the renovations are going well........ :)

Posted: 26th April 12, 09:51pm

DooGie (aka -=Garbage DinGo=-)
It's good to hear from you Mords. Renovations always take twice as long as you think they will. Shoot you soon m8 :)

Posted: 26th April 12, 09:50pm

My home renovation is prolonged, unfortunately, probably go back to the game in a month;) See you later.

Posted: 26th April 12, 09:43pm

11 hops to CH server and leaseweb hops highest ping for some reason ping 127.... 15 hops to your server IP Degem one of the hops is ping 233 virginmedia.

Posted: 25th April 12, 10:01pm

understand slug will not be available this week end. So intend to run server during next week have set it for 15 players. Would be grateful if as meny as possible can test it.

Posted: 25th April 12, 09:21pm

tnks 50 yeah trying to over command so long since have run a server think over 10 years. bye the way anyone heard of funnyman from france. good player and he played at 60 ping on server with 5 peeps

Posted: 24th April 12, 09:49pm

Don't know what was up before, my ping is now at 35 on CH. Think I must have had a routing problem.

Posted: 24th April 12, 09:36pm

The command in rcon is rcon map kam2

Posted: 24th April 12, 09:27pm

It is a v1 server just basic map change by vote cause cant remember command thought it was. sv_map kam2 but does'nt work

Posted: 24th April 12, 09:24pm