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Can someone help me get a game hosted from my pc, ive come back to game after years for some fun on a map called Sniper City..but cant get the game to show to my friends in Internet...Opened ports 20100-20122 tdp/udp but still no joy, used to use sof2runner but same issues...would be great to get some help

Posted: 26th February 18, 05:53pm

The server was offline earlier today.... Don't know what the problem was but it has been restarted and is back online again.

Posted: 23rd February 18, 02:28pm

Happy Valentines Day to you too XXX.....

Posted: 14th February 18, 08:00pm

Cupido Lady...
Happy Valentine all Dear Friends....


Posted: 14th February 18, 07:35pm

DooGie (aka -=Garbage DinGo=-)
When I had Axis OSP server I had a custom weapons file and just ran it on a per map basis.

Posted: 11th February 18, 08:19pm

Hello Dreamer... I don't know about PWNbot servers but you can have a custom weapons file in RPM it is called RPM_weaponMods.wpn it is located in the RPMPro / Files and you can edit it with notepad. You can change weapons ammo limits and strengths for the weapons in here.

Posted: 11th February 18, 01:49pm

Hello guy , does anyone know how to set a custom weapon file for a PWNbot server?. For tge life of me i cant figure it out.

Posted: 10th February 18, 07:16pm

Thanks for all the birthday wishes.... I enjoyed the CAKE!!! Sorry there is nothing left :( Hehehehe.... :D

Posted: 3rd February 18, 11:33pm

Happy bday Mike, I would ask you save me some cake, but i know that wont happen. Enjoy you day and your cake of course....

Posted: 3rd February 18, 08:32pm

Happy Birthday Mike. Always remember: You are not only getting older but also better.

Posted: 3rd February 18, 08:09pm

Mad Max
Dear Mike, I wish You a Happy Birthday, health, tons of cake, choco and icecream. And now listen: Happy Birthday to You, Happy Birthday to You, Happy Birthday dear bast....... nooooo Mike (lol), Happy Birthday to You. And now imagine my angel-like voice and You will cry an ocean of tears. Tears of joy of course, loooooool.

Posted: 3rd February 18, 06:24pm

DooGie (aka -=Garbage DinGo=-)
Hope you're having as great Birthday Mike, all the best m8 :D

Posted: 3rd February 18, 05:57pm

Thanks Lady ..... :D

Posted: 3rd February 18, 10:03am

Happy, happy birthday! Mr B..x.. You deserve all the cakes, love, hugs and happiness tomorrow . Enjoy your day my friend!....


Posted: 2nd February 18, 09:48pm

DooGie (aka -=Garbage DinGo=-)
It works when the sof2. exe is renamed to mohaa.exe because the sof2 graphics profiles aren't recognised but mohaa (Medal Of Honour Allied Assault) profiles are recognised and they are almost identical to SOF2 profiles.

Posted: 2nd February 18, 09:43pm

The mohaa thing totally worked, I just temporarily renamed my multiplayer .exe to something else first (must remember to change it back after, hahaha) Thanks again fellas, I really appreciate it.

Posted: 1st February 18, 08:57pm

I used my CD to play... Worked OK.

Posted: 1st February 18, 01:12pm

Do you need the CD to play 50? I see some patched files advertised to get around having a CD in the drive. Also if using Intel HD Graphics with windows 10 you may have to rename the sof2.exe file to mohaa.exe to get it to play. (awkward if that's the name of your multi player game file as in my case)

Posted: 1st February 18, 11:50am

Severen I played the single player game recently on Windows 10 and it worked ok.... :D

Posted: 1st February 18, 09:43am

Thanks guys, your solutions worked. :) Much appreciated. Actually, whilst I have your ear, is there any quick fix to run the single player campaign in Windows 10 for purely nostalgic indulgence?

Posted: 1st February 18, 12:57am

-=Garbage Slug=- v1.00 server running Gold maps tonight at

Posted: 31st January 18, 08:25pm

New website link to M8 Clan changed on the links page...


Posted: 30th January 18, 10:19pm

Severen I tried my PC running v1.00 Gold maps and Raven Office still shows on the in game list. Are you running DM? it wont show on CTF or other gametypes. Also if your running a server on your pc copy your SOF2 folder and name it server so you run the server from different files to what you are playing the game on yourself.

Posted: 30th January 18, 08:57pm

Nice to run into Z!ldj!aN tonight. Once a Player of the week.

Posted: 30th January 18, 08:43pm

Haha you beat me to it Severen..... Happy 2018 to you too.... :D

Posted: 30th January 18, 03:23pm

Hello Severen if I understand you correctly you say the original raven map disappears from the list is it the vote map list ? When running the server on your lan in the server.cfg you have a RCON password set? In the console type rconpassword then hit return.... add in the rcon password you have in the server.cfg and hit return.... then type in rcon map mp_raven and it will load up the map. Hope this helps.

Posted: 30th January 18, 03:20pm

Hey guys, I figured out that I can just load mp_raven from the console, just a bit irksome that it vanishes from the in game list. Thanks anyway. have a great 2018.

Posted: 30th January 18, 03:14pm

Hello, I wonder if anyone can help me, when I add the SDPack to use Gold Maps in v1.00 it makes my original Raven Offices Map disappear from my in game list when starting a RPMPro 3.32 home LAN server. Any help would be much appreciated. Warmest regards, Sev.

Posted: 30th January 18, 02:45pm

If anyone fancies some custom maps CTF I have a server running on my pc for tonight -=GarbageSlug=- v1.00. Maps in zip file - extract to SOF2 base folder.


Posted: 29th January 18, 06:55pm

Hi Mike I added the following and bots work but SOMETIMES have two of the same. // Bots seta bot_enable "1" seta bot_minplayers "3" seta bot_join_team "0" seta bot_ignoreroutes "0" seta g_botskill "3" seta g_allowBotsDoTaunts "0" seta g_forceBotsReady "0" seta g_addBotsFast "0" seta g_autokickBotsWithSameName "1"

Posted: 28th January 18, 07:24pm

Slug I take it you have added bot commands to the cfg as I don't see any in the original cfg?

Posted: 28th January 18, 04:15pm

I have been running a server for SOF2 Gold from my PC and since opening port 20100 on my router see it listed on the master server list. I have one problem in that if I have two bots on the server they usually have the same name. I have 4 bots with different names setup. Server running 1Fx mod. Have seta g_autokickBotsWithSameName "1" in config but that does not seem to do anything? Any ideas?

Posted: 28th January 18, 12:39pm

DooGie (aka -=Garbage DinGo=-)
Thanks for the heads up 50 :)

Posted: 25th January 18, 10:12pm

Here is some information about the CH Server from Proclanservers... they will be performing maintenance on one of its routers between 22:00 and 02:00 CET, starting on Jan. 29 and again starting on Jan. 30. This maintenance may cause brief periods of connectivity loss or increased latency for some clients to the service....

Posted: 25th January 18, 09:59pm

i purchased PUBG last week, very addictive, currently 2.6 million players in game, slower pace than COD, some of our guys have been playing it for months, I paid £22.91 from here definitely recommend. have i sold it you yet lads?


Posted: 19th January 18, 03:35pm

I did not believe it was possible to not have heard about PUBG ... but it's not the first time I have been proven wrong :) PUBG is biggest game on Steam. Twice as big as CS and DOTA2 combined and with 3 mill. daily players! 100 players land on a 8x8 km area where you can explore every single. Two maps available. Can be played as solo, duo or 4-player teams. Last player or team standing wins. No respawn, you have one life ... but teammates can help you up if you get knocked down. Plenty of different guns and amazing vehicles (boats, bikes, cars). It's pretty fun and I would think you guys would enjoy it if you teamed up.

Posted: 16th January 18, 08:01pm

A very Happy New Year to you too Infrequent.... I must admit I had never heard of PUGB either but have looked at it on Steam... It looks nice.... :D

Posted: 15th January 18, 11:36pm

DooGie (aka -=Garbage DinGo=-)
No I'm not kidding Infrequent, never heard of it.

Posted: 15th January 18, 10:40pm