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if ur think thats hard try from latin garrulous

Posted: 26th August 12, 09:20pm

had to google that 1 DooGie

Posted: 26th August 12, 02:40pm

Do my best to annoy everyone so that they take an interest m8

Posted: 25th August 12, 11:27pm

Welcome back DooGie.... Hope you and the missus had a lovely time..... good to see you on tonight had some great games.

Posted: 25th August 12, 10:56pm

DooGie (aka -=Garbage DinGo=-)
Back from my hols, had a good if expensive time. Pleased to see that Degem gets more and more verbose by the day :) Keep it up m8

Posted: 25th August 12, 08:42pm

If i remember rightly the mac could not even play doom until doom3 just add the d and it becomes doom3d

Posted: 24th August 12, 07:50pm

Thing is hate anything apple. The guy that held it all together died. Steve jobs did a great job considering he used hardware operating system and the motorola chip which max was 1.6 gb. Now he is dead the perfection has gone and now using a software operating system, as in the words of dads army's funeral director "Doomed! Doomed! its all Doomed!"

Posted: 24th August 12, 06:44pm

just want to use wat i have it is working but has its moments will wait till madman comes down and see if he can get it working perfectly. he has done it at his house

Posted: 24th August 12, 03:10pm

Degem what about an Apple AirPort Extreme it says it can connect up to 50 guests wirelessly.

Posted: 24th August 12, 11:22am

What i really wanted is to utilise the tp link router as a switch so that i can increase the number of devices that can connect. I have two desktops, laptop, phone and tablet. When my m8's come up like madman he has phone, laptop and ipad. then if i have a lan night then we have to limit number of devices to get it all working

Posted: 24th August 12, 01:28am

glad u got it working mate

Posted: 24th August 12, 01:19am

spoony superhub has a guest router facility. Have used that and turned off dhcp on tp link router letting superhub issue ip so now all working gives me two wireless connections and two diff passkeys.

Posted: 23rd August 12, 10:06pm

Also Degem you won't have the option to enable modem only mode if the superhub firmware isn't up to date so check that too m8. Personally if you wanna keep your superhub as it is i would think about buying a 802.11n wireless PCI card for your media center, tplink do a cheap one that will stream movies.

Posted: 22nd August 12, 11:32pm

Degem if you try to run both your superhub and tplink as routers you run into problems as both have NAT (network address translation) enabled causing whats known as "double natting". This will be intermittant at best. Whilst in "modem only" mode your superhub will act like a modem with only 1 of the 4 ethernet ports enabled (which you should connect the tplink router to) and wireless disabled so no, whilst in modem only mode you can either connect 1 pc OR the tplink router, then connect everything to the tplink router.

Posted: 22nd August 12, 11:25pm

wtf it's working again

Posted: 22nd August 12, 09:57pm

50 ffs u don't look at the Sun. Did u not hear the joke in Porridge with Ronney Barker and his cell mate. "Oh! get me the Sun, oh! and something to read

Posted: 22nd August 12, 09:14pm

I have added a Link to the sof2hub site on the "Links" page... Good Luck with the ladder hope it gets some interest... Slug I had to laugh at the end result of the "Artists" attempt at restoration I think I could have done better myself LOL... The Sun online has a good picture with before and after.

Posted: 22nd August 12, 08:59pm

Just seen that Jessica Ennis is looking for a job. Suggest Police Officer nobody is gonna run from her

Posted: 22nd August 12, 07:58pm

Thing is trying to connect my media player under tv to connect to the internet and requires a lead of more than 40 feet to do it. But if i can get the tl router working it only requires 20 feet of cable. with a 1tb hdd in the media player and able to stream off the internet will have unlimited viewing.

Posted: 22nd August 12, 07:38pm

Spoony if i set superhub to modem only does that mean have to plug all computers into tl router or will they still work in superhub

Posted: 22nd August 12, 07:30pm

Thanks spoony saw that in advance setting will try that tomorrow

Posted: 22nd August 12, 07:19pm

Degem you need to set your superhub to "modem only mode" (instructions are in the link) and switch on DHCP on your tplink router (that is unless you have static ip addresses on each NIC)

Posted: 22nd August 12, 06:57pm

Forget my last again it just went tits up again.

Posted: 22nd August 12, 06:10pm

I must be sad but this made me chuckle :)


Posted: 22nd August 12, 05:57pm

Forget my last message its all working now just don't know y.

Posted: 22nd August 12, 05:29pm

I have a new virgin media superhub. I also have a tp link 300n router anyone know how to get both working together. Have switched off dhcp on tl router but cannot connect, virgin superhub has allocated an ip but still not working.

Posted: 22nd August 12, 05:08pm

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Posted: 22nd August 12, 03:41pm

good games

Posted: 20th August 12, 07:47pm

It was nice to see you on the server Emma sorry I had to go.... You were owning anyway LOL.... :D

Posted: 20th August 12, 02:02pm

Emma - PH clan
Love the server set up 50 :) nice come back games today

Posted: 20th August 12, 01:46pm

Hope to see you on the server sometime SpoonY*.......

Posted: 20th August 12, 10:46am

installed sof2 again and went straight on your server 50, runs well mate ;)


Posted: 20th August 12, 12:24am

No Degem not that I have found anyway even for paying for petrol etc. at garages.

Posted: 19th August 12, 11:10am

So 50 there is no charge if u use a atm in southern ireland with ur debit card even though it converts to euros

Posted: 18th August 12, 10:53pm

Yes you do on mobile phone usage but not on cards Degem.... :) No passport required though, there isn't a border or anything anymore one minute you are in UK, the next the road speed limit signs are in km/h.....

Posted: 18th August 12, 04:50pm

Never thought of that before 50. When u cross the border do u get roaming charges on ur phone and credit and debit cards

Posted: 17th August 12, 08:16pm

50 have a good time m8, have u got ur passport and euro's ready

Posted: 17th August 12, 08:09pm

Hi Slug the new mod has better banning options and everyone else has said their ping is lower than on the old version, I would say by an average of 10 lower.... Good to hear you had a great time in France "OoLaLa". I am off to Donegal this morning and back home tomorrow... Have fun.

Posted: 17th August 12, 09:15am