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Out of the game at 15 days cya when iam back from Belek Turky. Great time to each on vacation and all who still play sof2. gr jan

Posted: 23rd July 13, 06:18am

Congratulations to Wills and Kate on the birth of a son....... The Prince of Cambridge.

Posted: 22nd July 13, 08:48pm

*****The V1servers have moved the server to a new Data Centre and as a result the IP address has changed..... it is now*****

Posted: 11th July 13, 04:52pm

Indeed Degem... Well Done Andy Murray a great achievement..... Emma just don't forget some old jotters LOL.... :D

Posted: 8th July 13, 09:46am

Emma - PH Clan
I'll bring my knives and a massive spanking hand. Kneel before Zod! . I'm all talk , i haven't played in about a year . scared now haha.

Posted: 8th July 13, 01:58am

Well done Andy Murray. Next thing Sir Andy Murray. First uk winner in 77 years.

Posted: 7th July 13, 11:22pm

Coming to an RMG map'l bring my slipper, and an AK for back up :o)

Posted: 7th July 13, 10:40pm

DooGie (aka -=Garbage DinGo=-)
Oh. I kinda forgot we were talking about SOF2 battles ;-0

Posted: 7th July 13, 07:19pm

Emma - PH Clan
i take it we're talking sof battles cos i can bring that spanking to you just name a day :D lol dinks

Posted: 6th July 13, 01:15am

DooGie (aka -=Garbage DinGo=-)
And you're just the man to do that spanking TAM :0

Posted: 5th July 13, 07:02pm

I would agree with that Tam LOL.... Hope there is good weather tomorrow 6th. July in Birmingham for the "Party in the Park" Have a great day Ian....

Posted: 5th July 13, 03:41pm

Emma - PH Clan
Ha! :D

Posted: 5th July 13, 08:22am

-=Garbage Raven=-
Hi all.....hope life is treating everyone well. Missing sof2, will have to come on a server soon for some action...that Emma needs a good spanking !!!

Posted: 4th July 13, 11:01pm

Emma - PH Clan
Glad to see you getting back on track Mike , you have voyeuristic bots? that's a bit self aware isn't it? soon they will rise !

Posted: 1st July 13, 11:23pm

DooGie (aka -=Garbage DinGo=-)
That's an invasion of privacy 50. Being specced by a bot :)

Posted: 1st July 13, 09:35pm

For some reason DooGie the server was full of bots all in spec I restarted the server and uploaded the original mapcycle again... I have made a new mapcycle which I will put on the server tomorrow morning and see how it goes... It is the same as we were running on the server before 2K3 pulled the plug.

Posted: 1st July 13, 09:24pm

DooGie (aka -=Garbage DinGo=-)
Hi Max, the bots shouldn't stop you getting on. Every time a player connects one of the bots drops out. The only time you wouldn't be able to join the server is if it's full of real players.

Posted: 1st July 13, 06:41pm

Mad Max
Hi Bellies! When I wanted to connect to Your server this evening, I got the message "Server is full". I dont´t know how many bots are playing there - perhaps You should reduce them a little bit. Greetings to Ireland!

Posted: 1st July 13, 05:59pm

Doktor Uzi
Thanks 50, will give it a go... You know what i am like with all the technical stuff, so I will probably balls it

Posted: 1st July 13, 11:32am

Dr Uzi you need to download the RPM file as before then you unzip/unrar the file to your desktop.... This creates a RPMpro folder... Copy this folder into your SOF2 default directory at C:Program FilesSoldier of Fortune II - Double Helix.... I would recommend the RPM that contains the custom soundpack for CH server.... DooGie if you remember we tried other versions of RPM and they all had bugs... The 2K3 Mod didn't have skyrespawn but will not run on anything but 2K3 servers and as we know they do not run anymore....

Posted: 30th June 13, 10:25pm

Doktor Uzi
Ok Doogie Just tried the link and downloaded the file and put it in my sof folder but it still doesn't work.. Can you guide a retard on how to do it? thanks

Posted: 30th June 13, 09:24pm

DooGie (aka -=Garbage DinGo=-)
One question 50. Why did you not ask the new server provider to install a version of RPM where you don't get sky respawns.

Posted: 30th June 13, 09:14pm

DooGie (aka -=Garbage DinGo=-)
I agree totally with your comments Uzi apart from the sky respawn one, I always thought that spoilt the game a bit. Still I suppose it'll make a change dropping fire nades on players from a great height ;-0. To see the medals at the end of a game try using the RPM 3.32 files on from the link.


Posted: 30th June 13, 07:18pm

Doktor Uzi
oh, I forgot to mention....there seems to be more activity and more servers running deathmatch games just over the past week or A resurgence of SoF on the way??

Posted: 30th June 13, 02:15pm

Doktor Uzi
lol, I like the 'sky respawn'....keep it...ha ha Great that it is 'almost' back to normal. Thanks 50. A few observations if I can permitted to make: The bots do not seem as effective. Sometimes they used to be quite dangerous, now they easy prey. Some of the games go to 40 to win, when 30 is better (eg desert) M4 assualt rifle did not seem as effective? I can't see the stats at the end. Tried going to but nothing there... Long live SoF

Posted: 30th June 13, 02:11pm

The server is running RPM 3, 32 and with it comes the dreaded "Sky Respawn" LOL.....

Posted: 30th June 13, 11:30am

Its much better now 50.

Posted: 30th June 13, 07:45am

DooGie (aka -=Garbage DinGo=-)
Just gave it a quick go against the bots. Pleased to say the feel is back to what we know and love. Did see one problem with a bot respawing in the sky though.

Posted: 29th June 13, 10:24pm

DooGie (aka -=Garbage DinGo=-)
RPM Pro Version 3.32 if Qtracker is reading it correctly 50. Not tried it out yet as I've been out with my Bro' in law navigating the canals of Cheshire on a barge.

Posted: 29th June 13, 10:12pm

The server is now running RPM ... Thanks to V1Servers for sorting that for me.... :D Running a very old mapcycle and will do a bit of work on it in the next few days but it is running OK.

Posted: 29th June 13, 10:43am

New AoA - Army of Avengers website and clan forum added to the links page at link....Welcome to Sofplayers.


Posted: 28th June 13, 11:27am

Doktor Uzi
Lol..!! Now I know why you call yourself 50 bellies. Just seen your photos from your holiday in the Thanks for getting the games up again 50. Was well pissed off yesterday when it looked like it was all over... Your work is appreciated. Long live SoF

Posted: 27th June 13, 12:52pm

Doktor Uzi
Mad Max...but I am a good Doktor...really!! lol Here's hoping we can get shootin again soon ( and stabbing and

Posted: 26th June 13, 06:58pm

New server running at should be running the mapcycle as the server used to but don't know about the rest as yet........... :D

Posted: 26th June 13, 06:09pm

Mad Max
Dear SOF - Players! I deeply regret what happened a short time ago! It was always a great pleasure for me, to play on 2K3 and I estimated the hospitality. Ok, Dr. Uzi´s medicine wasn´t he best one - looooooool!!!!! I hope, that there will be a new server soon and perhaps I can win 1 match, hehe! Greetings to all of YOU!

Posted: 26th June 13, 05:53pm

I don't know what to do with the time I spend on SoF

Posted: 26th June 13, 05:43pm

Doktor Uzi
Ok, yeah I understand that its the 2K3 server that has stopped. 50 has been great keeping the game going. There aren't many servers/games left. Its a shame...remember years ago when there were so many people playing on SoF? times. Anyway, thanks to 50 and I hope he gets it running again soon. If he needs help towards running it then I will gladly help. KEEP SoF RUNNING....

Posted: 26th June 13, 04:57pm

DooGie (aka -=Garbage DinGo=-)
Read further down the page Doktor Uzi or tead the CH server topic on the forum. It is 2K3 the server providers who have shut down all their gaming servers, nothing to do with 50. He is looking for a new server currently, I don't think it will be too long before a replacemt is up and running.

Posted: 26th June 13, 04:53pm