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The server is now running RPM ... Thanks to V1Servers for sorting that for me.... :D Running a very old mapcycle and will do a bit of work on it in the next few days but it is running OK.

Posted: 29th June 13, 10:43am

New AoA - Army of Avengers website and clan forum added to the links page at link....Welcome to Sofplayers.


Posted: 28th June 13, 11:27am

Doktor Uzi
Lol..!! Now I know why you call yourself 50 bellies. Just seen your photos from your holiday in the Thanks for getting the games up again 50. Was well pissed off yesterday when it looked like it was all over... Your work is appreciated. Long live SoF

Posted: 27th June 13, 12:52pm

Doktor Uzi
Mad Max...but I am a good Doktor...really!! lol Here's hoping we can get shootin again soon ( and stabbing and

Posted: 26th June 13, 06:58pm

New server running at should be running the mapcycle as the server used to but don't know about the rest as yet........... :D

Posted: 26th June 13, 06:09pm

Mad Max
Dear SOF - Players! I deeply regret what happened a short time ago! It was always a great pleasure for me, to play on 2K3 and I estimated the hospitality. Ok, Dr. Uzi´s medicine wasn´t he best one - looooooool!!!!! I hope, that there will be a new server soon and perhaps I can win 1 match, hehe! Greetings to all of YOU!

Posted: 26th June 13, 05:53pm

I don't know what to do with the time I spend on SoF

Posted: 26th June 13, 05:43pm

Doktor Uzi
Ok, yeah I understand that its the 2K3 server that has stopped. 50 has been great keeping the game going. There aren't many servers/games left. Its a shame...remember years ago when there were so many people playing on SoF? times. Anyway, thanks to 50 and I hope he gets it running again soon. If he needs help towards running it then I will gladly help. KEEP SoF RUNNING....

Posted: 26th June 13, 04:57pm

DooGie (aka -=Garbage DinGo=-)
Read further down the page Doktor Uzi or tead the CH server topic on the forum. It is 2K3 the server providers who have shut down all their gaming servers, nothing to do with 50. He is looking for a new server currently, I don't think it will be too long before a replacemt is up and running.

Posted: 26th June 13, 04:53pm

Doktor Uzi
Awwwwwww Nooo....don't stop it man. Its the best game ever. 50, what is going on? Do you need a contribution to carry on? I will provide some financial help towards a new server. I cannot be without, after all these years, I don't wanna lose it.

Posted: 26th June 13, 04:16pm

Can't you see life's easy...If you consider things...From another point of view.....

Posted: 26th June 13, 10:18am

Emma - PH Clan
Hello :D if you find a good server let us know please. glad they reimbursed you but so sad as i honestly thought they were one of the best servers we've ever used. and as is the story of this game the few spoil it for the many

Posted: 25th June 13, 11:30am

Hi Emma yes it is a pity that 2K3 have pulled the plug on their servers.... I have received a refund from them for the remainder of the servers rental which I renewed for 3 months a few weeks ago... I am looking at other server options at the moment...

Posted: 25th June 13, 11:06am

Emma - PH Clan
Thanks for the info on this Mike. we've been trying to find out where our server had gone for a few days . after all the hard work Meg-Purple has put into extreme for this to happen now is upsetting. wish they would give more info of the attacks.

Posted: 25th June 13, 11:00am

DooGie (aka -=Garbage DinGo=-)
I feel sorry for 50. He's put a lot of time and effort into CH and 2K3 Servers have suddenly pulled the rug out from under his feet. I'm certain that 2K3 have thought about this closure for a while now but have given admins renting servers off them no notice of it, they even blame the players in general for the DDOS attacks. Believe me they could have narrowed it down, shoddy performance 2K3 :(

Posted: 24th June 13, 08:11pm

Sad news Mike and everyone. I haven't played for some time but keep in touch with whats going on from SOF Players.

Posted: 24th June 13, 07:04pm

It's enough to make you give up camping. Where are we going to go? Where can I annoy the anti-campers? Why are they so upset by camping? Why are young girls just as awkward as their mothers even though they have not had as much practice?

Posted: 24th June 13, 05:49pm

I do not know what to say, I am devastated. ;-(

Posted: 24th June 13, 05:05pm

DooGie (aka -=Garbage DinGo=-)
It is sad news 50. Quite a few peoples evenings are going to feel a bit empty with the server gone.

Posted: 24th June 13, 04:19pm

Some bad news for people who played on the CH Server..... :( I have received an e-mail from 2K3 Servers who have informed me they have ended all Gameservers after 10 years of running their servers.... This is because of the recent attacks on their servers.... Very sad indeed.A full copy of the e-mail is on the CH Players Server forum. At link.....


Posted: 24th June 13, 03:40pm

***Server back online now***

Posted: 24th June 13, 08:39am

DooGie (aka -=Garbage DinGo=-)
I also tried that 50.

Posted: 23rd June 13, 09:17pm

OK DooGie I tried to download the log to see when the server was stopped at but can't download the log either....... Will just have to wait patiently.......

Posted: 23rd June 13, 09:08pm

DooGie (aka -=Garbage DinGo=-)
I was on until around 12:30 last night 50.

Posted: 23rd June 13, 08:58pm

LOL @ I ..... Hopefully the server will be back online later tonight the e-mail said 24Hrs and that was near midnight last night.

Posted: 23rd June 13, 08:52pm

DooGie (aka -=Garbage DinGo=-)
Reckon it will be around 1pm tomorrow when CH is back up :(. That is a very optimistic time.

Posted: 23rd June 13, 08:25pm

DooGie (aka -=Garbage DinGo=-)
Hi I. I should have realised you had a deprived childhood m8, Still you're making up for the lack of camping in your youth now :)

Posted: 23rd June 13, 07:24pm

I (aka 5th)
Having withdrawal symptoms - looking forward to seeing all again. Camping is great - never got chance to do it as a child.

Posted: 23rd June 13, 05:11pm

DooGie (aka -=Garbage DinGo=-)
That explains the really bad lag we've been getting for the last 2 nights on CH. Everyones ping would suddenly leap up to around 350 about every 15 minutes and last for around 3 minutes.

Posted: 23rd June 13, 03:45pm

Just home and checked my e-mails... I had an e-mail from 2K3 Servers last night at 11.48pm... "Due to ongoing DDOS attacks, we had to take all gameservers offline for 24 hours.If you know any persons responsible, please contact us at We are sorry for the inconvenience." The server is still offline... If anyone does know who is responsible please contact 2K3 Servers.

Posted: 23rd June 13, 03:04pm

DooGie (aka -=Garbage DinGo=-)
Have a good break m8

Posted: 20th June 13, 09:29pm

Lady from NL details now on Players page L at link...... I am off to Portrush for the weekend on Saturday and Sunday so I won't be about those days.......


Posted: 20th June 13, 09:23pm

Mr Lincoln has had his PC disabled from a thunder strike :$ Hope to see you back soon Mr Lincoln.......

Posted: 20th June 13, 08:47pm

The reason for stopping the server overnight was to get it back on the ingame browser list that it had vanished from for some reason.... not because of the lag I was getting... I had tried rebooting my router thinking the problem was with me but as my tracert shows it is/was a problem with leasewebs..... Just been on the server and had a much better ping than last night... hope it stays that way.

Posted: 18th June 13, 09:58pm

DooGie (aka -=Garbage DinGo=-)
For me the server is no different 50. Have you tried rebooting your router? My ping is still good but there are some really bad pings from Canada as you would expect :)

Posted: 18th June 13, 09:37pm

Server has been restarted.......

Posted: 18th June 13, 08:48am


Posted: 17th June 13, 10:26pm

The high ping I am experiencing to the CH server is because the last 3 hops out of 11 are over 90+ ping the rest are fine so this would be the leaseweb part of the connection is faulty to some extent...... :( I am going to shut down the server later as it is not showing up in the game browser list again and restart it in the morning......

Posted: 17th June 13, 08:06pm