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DooGie (aka -=Garbage DinGo=-)
When is it asking for a password Uzi ? I've used it for years and never had that happen. The only time you should need a password is if you're trying to use rcon on a server, then it obviously asks for the rcon password. Try asking the question on the Qtracker forum linked to.


Posted: 17th July 14, 07:33pm

Doktor Uzi
Just installed Qtracker but its asking for a password.??..anyone? thanks

Posted: 16th July 14, 09:55pm

Doktor Uzi
Just back off holiday and the server list is gone...arrggh

Posted: 16th July 14, 09:46pm

DooGie (aka -=Garbage DinGo=-)
Not noticed 50 as I use QTracker to connect.

Posted: 16th July 14, 09:32pm

I have noticed the past few days the server list has disappeared again in the In Game Browser..... Anyone else?

Posted: 16th July 14, 08:42pm

Once you have the server list working just add each one to favourites at the bottom of the server list page and then you always have a listing for the servers. It works on v1 and v3

Posted: 19th June 14, 08:58pm

Glad to see you got sorted out Nido.... The server list has returned to the in game browser again..... So for now the problem has been fixed.

Posted: 18th June 14, 07:56pm

DooGie (aka -=Garbage DinGo=-)
Pleased to hear that Qtracker helped Nido. I've used it for years now :) The only problem is that both Qtracker and HLSW are no longer being developed as the servers for new games work in a different way to SOF2 and early COD games.

Posted: 18th June 14, 07:36pm

Nido Fr
Hi! Thank you for the help! I use Qtracker with the link you gave me! Everything is ok! I can play again, because you helped me! I am very happy bellies 50

Posted: 18th June 14, 07:19pm


Posted: 16th June 14, 08:18pm

You can connect to a server in the console by typing............. (back slash)connect this is the CH Players server IP address..... Hope this helps you...

Posted: 16th June 14, 08:10pm

hi connect or connecter

Posted: 16th June 14, 07:54pm

To open the console press the ` key.... THE KEY TO THE LEFT OF 1 pour ouvrir la console, appuyez sur la touche `.....LA CLÉ DE LA GAUCHE DE 1

Posted: 16th June 14, 07:46pm

Hi a quel niveau doit on se mettre sur la console ? A+

Posted: 16th June 14, 07:40pm

*****NO SERVERS IN LIST***** Look at link......


Posted: 16th June 14, 07:29pm

Hi idem for me no servers need help lol

Posted: 16th June 14, 07:16pm

I have had no server list for a week now. I have tried everything to get back into the server. Does anyone know what's up

Posted: 16th June 14, 06:44pm

As far as I know..Reinstalling the game does not fix the problem Nido.......

Posted: 15th June 14, 08:55pm

Nido Fr
Thank you I arrive has to go on your waiter(server) by making has connect 188.252.147:20950!!! It is already cool to have me to help!! Other things that you explained to me are too much complicated for me lol!!! It will be necessary can be that I reinstall the game(set, play)!! Thank you Sheriff lol lol Nido Fr

Posted: 15th June 14, 07:58pm

Hi Nido.... it seems the SOF2 master server is not working to show the list of servers.... Don't know if it is permanent or not. Anyway you can use a program like HLSW or Qtracker to see what SOF2 servers are available.... you can also connect to a server in the console by typing connect this is the CH Players server IP address..... Hope this helps you...

Posted: 15th June 14, 07:35pm

Nido Fr
Hello since a few days I have no more waiter(server) who displays has sof2! Is a general probléme or it comes from my pc ?

Posted: 15th June 14, 07:20pm

Happy Fathers Day to all you Fathers in the world............ :D

Posted: 15th June 14, 12:20pm

Thanks to Ammo who sent in his details for the players pages....At link.


Posted: 7th June 14, 11:12am

Hi Bones from Las Vegas...... :)

Posted: 23rd May 14, 11:23pm

DooGie (aka -=Garbage DinGo=-)
Hi Bones m8 :)

Posted: 22nd May 14, 09:34pm

Hi dudes! ;)

Posted: 22nd May 14, 09:14pm

SoF 2 Fun Extreme Server join to us :)


Posted: 18th May 14, 10:41pm

Very hot in California 90 F and sunny.......

Posted: 18th May 14, 12:45am

DooGie (aka -=Garbage DinGo=-)
I hope the pair of you have a great time m8 :)

Posted: 15th May 14, 10:01pm

I am off to USA for 2 weeks holiday see you all when I get back............... :D

Posted: 15th May 14, 09:27pm

just downloaded my sof2 folder and sof2v1 folder to a spare backup hdd and ran them on my hp amd quadcore windows 8 64 bit 8 gb laptop and it worked perfectly

Posted: 10th May 14, 07:16pm

When copying sof2 from one computer to the another you have to right click on exe whether single or mp and go to properties then compatibility then set it for xp sp3

Posted: 8th May 14, 08:51pm

N3V^ I run SOF2 from a USB stick... I made a copy of my entire SOF2 folder from the computer and put it onto a USB stick and run it from there without any problems.... the game is NOT installed on my computer at all anymore in Program files.

Posted: 8th May 14, 06:07pm

@-E*E-JanTheSlayer ; thx 4 the comment. But also no advance.

Posted: 8th May 14, 03:26pm

run sofmp exe as administrastor

Posted: 8th May 14, 02:47pm

1) Tried with copying the whole sof2 folder from my previous pc to my new one. Got always the message => "sof2mp.exe doesn't work anymore" with a black background. 2) Tried installing the whole game again from scratch (bought the game in the past) ; did the sof2gold and sof2lite patches also. Still same problem from above. 3) Also tried running under other compatibility; no succes.

Posted: 8th May 14, 01:29pm

SOF 2 run on win8. With no problem.

Posted: 7th May 14, 09:43pm

Hi N3V^ I personally run Windows 7 64bit and no problems with it.... Have you tried running the game on Windows 8?

Posted: 7th May 14, 07:45pm