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Yes I was never able to get it to work on W10 with my Intel (R) HD Graphics due to OpenGl errors. Tried latest drivers and older ones but eventually went back to 8.1

Posted: 28th February 16, 04:43pm

Hi Marzec it is most likely a driver issue... I play SOF2 on Win 10 with Radeon graphics OK but I know Slug had problems with it due to an Intel graphics driver issue... Check that your Graphics driver is up to date . Hope this helps.

Posted: 28th February 16, 12:48pm

Hey, guys. Is there a way to play SoF2 on W10? I installed my favorite game from youth and after instal 1.03 its still crashing...

Posted: 28th February 16, 10:44am

Just been watching the old DeltaRay Jungle Sniper video. I cant find a copy of it on YouTube and this one is only small screen but its still an epic video even for CH'ers like Max and I that hate Jungle :)


Posted: 28th February 16, 09:42am

Killa07 the CH server runs V1 of the game with the RPMpro mod the IP is the server is situated at Amsterdam in the Netherlands Europe...... The banner for the server is on the left of this messageboard.

Posted: 26th February 16, 11:39pm

trying to find he CH server anyway can shoot me the ip address?

Posted: 26th February 16, 10:20pm

Hello my friends come to the site Clan sof2demo, we are recruiting!

Posted: 26th February 16, 08:14pm

Oh okay thanks

Posted: 26th February 16, 01:20am

Killa07 there is no need to re-install the game if you already have it..... Copy the entire Soldier of Fortune folder on to a USB Stick at least 1.5GB in size and you can play the game from the USB Stick on any PC that has USB. It does not need to be installed to play this way.

Posted: 25th February 16, 11:04pm

I'd have to get the game again I just have it installed on my laptop and recently found I still had it , I'm sure I can get it off amazon cheap , so really no difference between the two except few adjustments ?

Posted: 25th February 16, 10:49pm

Killa07 the V1 game is the original version of the game and if you have the game then if you look at the link it shows you how you can have both versions of the game on your PC.


Posted: 25th February 16, 07:37pm

You all say more people play SOF II V1.00 more is it free download ? Or what

Posted: 25th February 16, 05:25pm

We get some players from USA who have around 150 ping and dont appear to be laggy depends on the connection.... Always good to see old players having another go at the game maybe see you on CH Server sometime Killa07.

Posted: 24th February 16, 11:46pm

Yeah lately been playing on RoX and House of Doom server other then that I haven't seen any , also located in US don't wanna play on one where my ping is off the map

Posted: 24th February 16, 11:13pm

Hi Killa07 there are still servers on both the Gold and V1 versions of SOF2 usually there are players who play on the CH server every evening... the server is located at Amsterdam in the Netherlands Europe.... If you use a program such as HLSW or Gametracker these programs show all the servers that are running and also how many players/bots are on at any given time.

Posted: 24th February 16, 10:23pm

Hey just recently started playing anyone play on regular basis?, I played with [LL] in scrims, along with |CAFN| and RoX , -=CF=-, -=TN=- and others let me know if and where you all play

Posted: 24th February 16, 08:08pm

DooGie (aka -=Garbage DinGo=-)
Yes I like that Degem. Not as bad as one admin who shall remain nameless, posted his sof2 config up on a forum complete with his server's rcon password.

Posted: 22nd February 16, 09:28pm

Lol Degem. If this was Facebook I would Like that post :)

Posted: 22nd February 16, 08:01pm

On by servers you could restart by /rcon quit. On day one of the admins tried to say quit swearing but typed rcon /quit swearing and restarted server

Posted: 21st February 16, 11:14pm

I know. I have still have that seed on my call vote rmg map settings so going to delete it now. I could not connect to restart like that even if I knew the command. I'll try and be good from now on even though I don't like Jungle :)

Posted: 19th February 16, 03:28pm

DooGie (aka -=Garbage DinGo=-)
When I had Axis server you could restart it by the command /rcon sv_restart. Hey Slug don't worry about the mistake, it only takes around a minute to restart it. Anyway I seem to remember you did a lot worse with Axis a couple of times :)

Posted: 16th February 16, 09:00pm

No problem Slug nothing to be sorry about the server can be re-started if you are on the server using rcon you can re-start by using the command forward slashexec server.cfg if it happens again.

Posted: 15th February 16, 08:10pm

Very many thanks Doogie and again sorry for messing up CH server 50 and all.

Posted: 15th February 16, 07:49pm

LooL np slug ....:-)

Posted: 14th February 16, 10:01pm

Thanks DooGie server seems to be running OK now..... :D

Posted: 14th February 16, 08:20pm

DooGie (aka -=Garbage DinGo=-)
I've just restarted CH. Hopefully that will sort it out.

Posted: 14th February 16, 08:07pm

Looks like it will need 50 to restart it. I was hoping after 15 minutes the map would change but not happened. really Sorry it is all my fault Lady.

Posted: 14th February 16, 07:35pm

Hi server is still on RMG Desert and nobody can come in.....

Posted: 14th February 16, 07:22pm

Really sorry to all players on CH tonight. I called a vote for an RMG desert map and the seed caused kept causing spawns in the ground so we could not connect VERY SORRY - all my fault. Waiting for mapcycle to change the map and all should be OK.

Posted: 14th February 16, 07:08pm

DooGie (aka -=Garbage DinGo=-)
Sue and I have never bothered with valentines day. Just not recognised in this household. Having said that it's a nice link Cupid :) A proper lady.

Posted: 13th February 16, 11:45pm

Thanks Cupid........ Hope you have a good Valentines Day too XXX.

Posted: 13th February 16, 11:40pm

To all dear friends of sof2... I wish you all a Happy Valentine's Day With lots of hugs and kiss Much love from Cupid ...L...


Posted: 13th February 16, 09:37pm

LOL Bloke at least you are thinking about playing..... Your PC will still handle the old game OK the server we play on is Version 1 give it a go it hasn't changed too much.

Posted: 8th February 16, 10:34pm

Past few years have been soooooo busy, haven't played anything since sof 2, damn i miss it. i'm going to try and crank everything up this weekend, should be fun, the pc has been idle for 3 1/2 years

Posted: 8th February 16, 08:41pm

I really didn't have the time DooGie as we were staying in Blackpool....... Maybe next time we are over.

Posted: 8th February 16, 06:36pm

DooGie (aka -=Garbage DinGo=-)
You should have told me Mike, I'd have taken you out for a meal.

Posted: 5th February 16, 11:42pm

Was at the Avro Heritage Centre today at Woodford... Good to see they are preserving the Vulcan..... Thanks Stano and Bloke for the birthday wishes get the game installed Bloke LOL...

Posted: 5th February 16, 10:41pm

DooGie (aka -=Garbage DinGo=-)
I agree with Slug on that Bloke, it would be good to get killed by you again :)

Posted: 5th February 16, 08:19pm