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DooGie (aka -=Garbage DinGo=-)
Lock up probably due to a combination of bugs in SOF2 v1 and bugs in RPM pRo m8. Don't forget that SOF2 Gold didn't just add PB but fixed a whole host of bugs.

Posted: 21st July 12, 11:16pm

Tried the CTF config tonight again and the server locked up on a normal map?? Can't understand it..... Back to the drawing board I suppose. Good to see lots of peeps on the server tonight too.... Good games.

Posted: 21st July 12, 10:54pm

DooGie (aka -=Garbage DinGo=-)
Some nice CTF games on CH last night although after so long not playing it took a bit of getting used to. Nice work in getting it up and running 50 :)

Posted: 21st July 12, 07:41pm

Degem I assume if the server is running in CTF mode it will show up in the CTF list at that particular time..... It will usually be running DM as normal so if it isn't showing in DM list it will be offline or running CTF.... Hope that made sense....... :D

Posted: 21st July 12, 11:10am

50 does server appear in dm or do i have to look for it in ctf

Posted: 20th July 12, 11:26pm

At last just finished setting up a kids computer. Told everyone im retiring from repairing anyone elses computer. Just go pay the money im finished

Posted: 20th July 12, 10:46pm

Really enjoyed the ctf games tonight. Should have been in bed an hour earlier :) The grassy hill seed locked the game up but the other maps were excellent and a really nice change. Thanks for sorting it Mike.

Posted: 20th July 12, 09:37pm

Remember something else that is really fun is to set speed on server. Just check original set by typing g_speed then set g_speed to 2000. Best on rmg maps u can then climb the highest mountains to be accurate just crouch or press walk

Posted: 20th July 12, 09:36pm

Ph playdead
Hi again :d You have to experiment a bit with the "kickangels" The knockback on the weapen depends on it. The g_knockback command is very funny we have set g_knockback to 9000 in 2 open maps so when you take a hit You are being thrown all over the map lol. Than in nextmap mapcycle we use our default g_knocback 1000 again.


Posted: 20th July 12, 10:10am

E*E wow! u been doing it for ten years omg wat an expert info. oh! i am 62 been playing game from beta and was admin on by games. Oh! also forgot been building computers since 1998

Posted: 19th July 12, 09:43pm

set up a server and type in console g_knockback 3000 and see what happens u have to have bots on it

Posted: 19th July 12, 06:22pm

set up a server and type in console g_knockback 3000 and see what happens

Posted: 19th July 12, 06:21pm

I know , ive been setting up servers now for 10 years . I just call it the knockback from the gun that's all.

Posted: 19th July 12, 06:13pm

Yes it is a server command remember having some fun with this on bygames by setting it to max command is g_knockback

Posted: 19th July 12, 05:55pm

Knockback is the push the bullet gives when it hits a person, ie, how far ur are pushed back when hit.I even think that is a server command not set up as in bsf files that weapon is created in

Posted: 19th July 12, 05:38pm

I call it knockback from the gun. when all is set to 4 times 0 there is no knock or kick from te weapon at all.

Posted: 19th July 12, 05:16pm

Each weapon in the list has different characteristics for instance the pistol does not have same kick as the sniper rifle because the load is lower but the sniper rifle has a higher kick than the ak because it uses a larger charge to propel the bullet and also a longer rifle therefore shub be double the ak

Posted: 19th July 12, 05:12pm

Lost me e*e knockback is the push a bullet gives and kick is the way a weapon behaves when fired

Posted: 19th July 12, 05:06pm

these are standard kickangels: kickAngles "1 10 -2 1" mp_kickAngles "1 15 -2 1" these are not knockback at all: kickAngles "0 0 0 0" mp_kickAngles "0 0 0 0"

Posted: 19th July 12, 04:52pm

will have to do a clean install and check wat values there as standard

Posted: 19th July 12, 03:58pm

I think that proves point on scope sniper is lower than ak and on zoom it is same

Posted: 19th July 12, 03:54pm

I had a look at the kickangles in the weapon file ... for the AK it is 1 1 - 2 1 ... for the Sniper rifle it is 1 0 - 2 1 and in zoom 1 .1 - 2 1 ... The figures mean nothing to me maybe some one knows what it means LOL.

Posted: 19th July 12, 09:34am

Ph purple
degem you can change the kickback in weapenfile name is "kickangels" and auto fire off


Posted: 19th July 12, 05:23am

It is not the sniper rifle i dislike it is the real kickback u shud see when firing. you shud not be able to fire more that 1 shot a second. but see kickback on rpm is totally reduced so that it is lower than ak.

Posted: 18th July 12, 07:01pm

I tried the solution for no bots on a ctf server as posted by PH Playdead and that seemed to work ok..... Thanks Playdead for your input..... :D

Posted: 18th July 12, 12:53pm

New clan details added to the links page at link PH clan PL (pure hate) welcome to sofplayers.....


Posted: 18th July 12, 08:37am

Hey guys, I wont be on for a while cause I have to go places. -.- Anyways I should be back again in a week or two. See ya l8er guys and hope you resolve the bot problem!

Posted: 18th July 12, 03:28am

To Degem ;) Sniper weapons in the game has always been. It is not debatable. Perhaps you mean my game the sniper weapon. I want to tell you that I play it for several years, and has always been a weapon of opinion. As in the real world, and games are controversial, but it does not disqualify her in real life and games. The use of infrared goggles is also an element in this game and it makes no sense suddenly after such a long period to exclude from the game. The game is fun. Do not cry that someone was playing a Sniper that someone other weapons. Just let's play and not coming up with new rules. Best regards .. TCH Elite Mords Faithful SOF2 player for several years.

Posted: 17th July 12, 10:25pm

Here is a copy of a post that was removed from the messageboard by me earlier:Greetings 50_BELLIES!!! This is me, MicLem1961 I want to ask you, what I did wrong, that you will not let me play on your server. I heard rumors that I have offended someone, but it's a lie. I did not offend anyone, I do not have a habit of insulting people. Answer me please, my mail: ... I removed the post as I didn't think it was really relevant but have decided to answer it here.... Miclem you offended many people on my server with the use of foul language when you got beaten fairly but you also used rascist insults to Arab people on the server that I saw in the game logs and this is why you were banned, since this ban you have plagued the server using different names and IP addresses and have been using cheats so in my opinion I don't want people like you playing on my server........ :)

Posted: 17th July 12, 10:11pm

Just watching if u do not put the full kick back on the sniper rifle it makes it a poor game if the person has to reaim it makes for better game

Posted: 17th July 12, 08:26pm

Just joined ur server slug ping between 37 and 46 good sign

Posted: 17th July 12, 07:19pm

I have a test server running CTF from my PC at IP Mapcycle RMG desert, Col 1, RMG Desert and Jordan. There are no Bots.

Posted: 17th July 12, 12:04pm

Thanks Mike, its worth the effort. Concentrate on getting rid of the bots on regular maps CTF, Jordan and Favela for instance. We can find some CTF rmg seeds that work later. I cant wait for a bit of CTF :)

Posted: 16th July 12, 10:35pm

I tried a ctf config today with no bots in the .cfg file and they were still there.... also on the first change of map to rmg ctf it locked up the server therefore requiring a server restart I will try another mapcycle with NO rmg maps and see what happens tomorrow.

Posted: 16th July 12, 09:46pm

I would be on the server most evenings from about 7:30pm UK time probably more people on then.....

Posted: 16th July 12, 10:54am

Normally between 9pm and 11pm UK time.

Posted: 16th July 12, 07:38am

So what time do you guys ussaly got on?

Posted: 16th July 12, 02:19am

I got the time figured out. I am six hours behind you. btw i live in texas

Posted: 15th July 12, 08:37am