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#1 10-12-16 20:53:27


Call of Duty Infinite Warfare

I bought the new Call of Duty "Infinite Warfare" game including the Re-mastered version of Modern Warfare when the game came out a couple of weeks ago.

To be honest I am very disappointed as they have not even released the game where I can use the arrow keys as opposed to the WASD keys for movement. The problem is that when using the arrow keys there is a moment when you do not move, I first thought it was lag but when I tried to use the WASD keys it was like magic and worked OK so there is a definite problem with using other keys opposed to the default keys.

I have had to download a keyboard re-mapping programme (Key Tweak) to be able to use the keys I use to play any game for movement as I use my left hand for the mouse. The programme works fine and the game can now be played the way I want to play it. The only downside to the programme is that each time I change the keys (to play Infinite Warfare) I have to reboot my PC for the changes to take effect, then when finished I have to apply default keys and then reboot the PC again.

There have been some updates for the game Infinite Warfare but none of them have addressed this problem. On some forums I have read that many people have this problem and there are many different makes of keyboards involved, I use a Logitech Internet Navigator keyboard and have had no trouble with playing any other games using this keyboard. I tried a couple of other generic keyboards I have here and they were all the same.

I hope the game developers get this patched soon........ big_smile



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