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#1 03-12-09 10:53:41


Egg Fried Rice

There are many different ways to make Egg Fried Rice and this is how I make mine on a Thursday..... smile

First of all on a Thursday morning I make Boiled Rice..... I use long grain rice....

First thing to do is wash the rice thoroughly, I add a small amount of cold water to the rice in the saucepan and give the rice a good swirl around with my hand, then I pour off the "milky" water then add more water and repeat the process until the water coming out of the saucepan is absolutely clear. Usually takes 3 or 4 times.

Second stage is to add boiling water from a kettle to about 1 inch (3cm) above the rice in the saucepan, add some salt to the water, bring to the boil and then simmer. Let the rice cook for about 10 - 15 minutes do not stir the rice until the very end of the cooking as stirring it makes it sticky.

So that is the boiled rice made, it now sits and goes cold until I am ready to make the Egg Fried Rice.

It is now tea time and I have mixed up an egg in a bowl and given a good whisk with a fork, then I add some sunflower oil to my Wok (you can use any sort of oil such as Sesame oil for a bit of extra flavour) and get it hot, the egg is then put into the hot oil and as it starts to cook give it a good stir about to break it up then add the pre-cooked boiled rice and keep mixing the rice and egg in the Wok, keep stirring the mixture and turning it over until the rice and egg are all well mixed together, if you like you can add other ingredients to the mix such as a few peas. Make sure that it is all thoroughly cooked and piping hot before serving.



#2 10-12-09 10:30:39

New member

Re: Egg Fried Rice

Works a treat m8 Nice 1
Worth the extra rinsing



#3 26-04-10 20:11:57

-=Garbage DinGo=-

Re: Egg Fried Rice

It's also good to add a few splashes of Soy Sauce smile

"It's better to be a fool for 5 minutes of your life by asking a question than to be a fool for the rest of your life by not knowing the answer."



#4 27-09-11 07:20:50

New member

Re: Egg Fried Rice

Useful tips to make the egg fried rice,.
I thinks its very delicious to eat,.



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