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#1 12-01-09 21:21:39

fc sergeS
Super member

help / advice needed

hi @ all
need a bit of advice / help
can anyone recomend a good fan and cooler for my pc

its an intel twin core duo 1.8 on a foxxconn mother board

heres a couple of pics of my old one

as you'll see the thermal paste was very patchy with dryness here n there
have replaced the paste after a good cleaning
but i get a rattle of the cpu fan i'm not happy with
can anyone here help ? smile



#2 12-01-09 22:31:06

-=Garbage DinGo=-

Re: help / advice needed

I've posted on your forum m8 smile

"It's better to be a fool for 5 minutes of your life by asking a question than to be a fool for the rest of your life by not knowing the answer."



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